Seriously Mind-Boggling

I purchased my first and only pair of Lowa boots for a backpacking trip I took my Senior year of high school, all the way back in the year 2000.

I am writing your company today for two reasons: The first being to let you know that I am officially retiring my first and only pair of Lowa boots after 17 long years of traveling, exploring, backpacking, snowshoeing and hunting. 

The second reason I am writing you is to say, 'Thank you' and tell you that, without a doubt, these are the best boots I have ever owned.

They have traveled with me to 8 countries, 29 of Colorado's 14 thousand foot summits, countless hunting trips, and more miles than I could count in a lifetime. With all of the anxieties that come with traveling, backpacking, or hunting, I never once worried about my feet.

The fact that these boots made it 17 years through everything I put them through is seriously mind-boggling. Thanks again and I look forward to my next purchase of Lowa boots.

Tony G.
Fort Collins, CO.


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