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Chasing the Rare Horned Guan and Beautiful Vistas

Dawn, on the slope of an ancient volcano in Guatemala.

Hiking up near-vertical switchbacks for hours, chasing both the rare Horned Guan and beautiful vistas.

Normally my feet would be destroyed after a day of this, but with my new LOWA boots I was good to go the next day.

Next stop, Mayan ruins...

- Ian D.

My Pup Fell Into My Boots

Great boots -- why would anyone wear anything else? After returning from training one day, our new dog fell into my Elite Desert boots!

- Scott H.

Two Years..

2 years. Every day.

- Veceslavas

Seriously Mind-Boggling

I purchased my first and only pair of Lowa boots for a backpacking trip I took my Senior year of high school, all the way back in the year 2000.

I am writing your company today for two reasons: The first being to let you know that I am officially retiring my first and only pair of Lowa boots after 17 long years of traveling, exploring, backpacking, snowshoeing and hunting. 

The second reason I am writing you is to say, 'Thank you' and tell you that, without a doubt, these are the best boots I have ever owned.

They have traveled with me to 8 countries, 29 of Colorado's 14 thousand foot summits, countless hunting trips, and more miles than I could count in a lifetime. With all of the anxieties that come with traveling, backpacking, or hunting, I never once worried about my feet.

The fact that these boots made it 17 years through everything I put them through is seriously mind-boggling. Thanks again and I look forward to my next purchase of Lowa boots.

Tony G.
Fort Collins,…

Better Off Red

I fell in love with these boots the minute I saw them!

And, to my surprise they fit like a glove. I've never had any trouble with them at all.

Whenever I can leave Chicago to get out to the Pacific NW, I'm a happy camper.

Here I am enjoying my favorite red Lowa hiking boots, at Mt. St Helens and also at the Columbia River Gorge and on the trail in Oregon.

- Alyse R

Isle Royale

In the dark, cold winter months in Michigan, I plan my summer adventures.

This year I did a 5 day solo backpacking trip to Isle Royale National Park in the cold, deep waters of Michigan's Lake Superior.

The spring and early summer months found equal balance between training and gear acquisition. My first purchase was my Lowa Vantage GTX Mid Boots. I was amazed how these boots held firm to the mud, tree roots, rock, water, and general rough terrain of Isle Royale.

Thank you for making these hardcore boots! I know I have many more adventures ahead of me with my Lowa's.

- Greg H.

Great For Delivering the Mail

You make great boots! I have now been wearing the tall Lowa Zephyr GTX® for 13 months.

The amazing thing is that I am a postal letter carrier and I walk 14 - 18 miles a day in them. This is the longest boots have been comfortable, waterproof, and sole staying in tact.

Just want to say great job ladies and gentlemen!!  I can perform my job safely & comfortably due to your craftsmanship.

-  Michael S