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A Perfect Moment

A perfect moment - in Santa Marta, Colombia, South America.

- Steve C.

Everyday Duty Footwear

I'm a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Ranger assigned to Staunton State Park. I wear LOWA Renegade boots as my everyday duty footwear.

Yesterday, I took a 10 mile hike into the highest portion of the park. It was an unusually foggy morning as I started my trek. The off trail hiking conditions were extremely steep terrain with several large boulder fields and downed timber, all made worse with the wetness.

Your boots continue to amaze me with their durability, and traction - even in terribly slippery conditions.

These photos depict some of the conditions along the way and my boots at the finish line.

I love my Lowa's and wanted you to know it!

- Mark F.

Lumarjim Trail 1941 AND 2017

Lumarjim Trail 1941 & 2017  
August 1941 Lucy Hasterlik, twenty-year old 1939 Great Falls HS graduate, her eighteen-year old brother Jim, and a friend, Marjorie Tintinger, embarked on an epic ride through the mountains of the then recently designated Primitive Area of what is presently the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area.

They rode three saddle horses and trailed a pack pony behind.

Navigation was sketchy, as they employed only a one-page map showing trails in the Flathead and Lewis and Clark National Forests.

They packed relatively light as they opted to discard originally-packed gear and rations in order to ease the load on their one pack horse. They planned to eat pretty well the first part of the trip, then get by more conservatively on the last legs. At one point they gulped down cold tomato soup right out of the can, as the wet weather, hunger, and expediency dictated.

Lucy compiled a journal of the adventure, including black and white photos of several points of interest, oft…