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Best Trekking Trips

My best trekking trips with my best trekking boots.

I have been to Nepal for 3 weeks and then moved to Ukraine and continued my trekking in the Carpathian mountains. It was awesome unforgivable.

I have worn my Lowa boots almost 9 years on more than 30 trips. My boots are my best companions.

- Nata

Scarlet Macaws and Howler Monkeys

I have been wearing Lowa Renegades for over 15 years. They were my go-to field boots for conducting ornithological field research in southeastern Arizona desert grasslands.

Now that I am retired, I use them when my husband and I go on international birding trips. The first picture is one of me in my Renegades in the Nanciyaga Reserve, Veracruz, Mexico, after just seeing Scarlet Macaws, Great Curassows, and Mexican howler monkeys.

This photo is of me in my Renegades at the restored ruins of Monte Albán - South Platform, Oaxaca, Mexico. Both were taken during a trip in March 2017.

- Janet R.