Irkutsk, Russia… Siberia!

From 2003 to 2016, my wife and I lived in a small city in the Al Buraimi desert in the United Arab Emirates. For 13 years we enjoyed an uninterrupted summer of swimming, short sleeves and sandals. It was fun while it lasted, but we felt we needed a bit of a change, so we applied for a job that could send us anywhere in the world.

We couldn’t believe it when we were offered a posting in Irkutsk, Russia… Siberia! 

Of course, we took it. The biggest challenge for us was to purchase a completely new warm, functional wardrobe to help us live in an environment that couldn’t be any more different from the one we were moving from.

Our contacts in Russia told us we really needed to be mindful of the footwear we planned on bringing. Not only did our shoes and boots have to keep our feet warm when temperatures dropped to -30 or more, but they also had to have a good tread as the sidewalks and streets are covered in snow and ice from October to April.

Luckily, my wife did a lot of research and, after carefully considering many brands, bought Lowa boots for us.

We are here to tell you we couldn’t be happier with them. We thought we’d only have to wear them when we went hiking in the forests outside of town - nope- we have worn our Lowa boots every single day since the first snow fell in the beginning of October… to work, to the forests, to Lake Baikal, to the theatre. (They weren’t kidding about the Siberian sidewalks being covered in ice- it is treacherous out there and the tread on our Lowa boots are really working hard to keep us from falling).

So, not only are they warm and safe, but very comfortable, too!

Thank you!

- Michael G.


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