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Linus had his blanket...

I suppose it had to happen.

I mean, Linus had his blanket. I have my Lowa boots. I have trekked around in these boots for almost 30 years. 30 years!

Together we have been on hikes in all seasons, snowshoeing, sledding, and just doing every day things.

These have been the most comfortable boot I own. This weekend I was bragging to my family how well these boots have held up through the years (my kids couldn't remember me having any different boots -- they are 21 and 23 years of age).

The next day I was doing some shopping and noticed something wasn't right. I looked down to see the soles beginning to separate on my boots. I'm just so sad. I wish I could wear them for another 30 years, I love them that much.

Thank you, Lowa, for your excellent workmanship.

- Wendy T.

The Clueless Wanderer

I’m headed to one of my dream trips in June of 2017 and I’ve been slowly piecing together gear. I’ve been checking out items through internet research, friends and the FB community Adventure Some Women. I finally found myself in Utah, with nothing to do on a rainy afternoon in December, and decided I would go to REI and finally try on some boots.

I am a total noob when in the field of hiking boot erudition, so I went in with the most shallow forethought: COLOR! I figure I would narrow it down from there. Don’t judge me, I can be very vain.

I have wide feet, as exclaimed by the sales lady. Yes, she literally exclaimed it. After donning on the thickest hiking socks I could find, I liked how there was no “pinkie toe rub” as I walked around, jumped up and down, and even shuffled along the carpet. I was doing everything I could to see if I could initiate that “pinkie toe rub” thing and nothing. The boots are very lightweight, waterproof and comfortable right out of the box. Ankle support …