April 30, 2016

My Journeys with LOWA

About 10 years ago I developed plantar heel problems after an injury. I searched for boots that really worked well for my feet. Then I discovered Lowa Boots and have been hooked on them ever since.

I occasionally test gear for Gore-tex and am a wildlife field biologist and tracker in the high Rockies and the Sonoran Desert, spending 270 to 300 days in the field every year - so good boots are essential.

A Lowa Rep recommended the Camino GTX to me two years ago and I love them. I took them on two back-to-back week-long solo backpacking trips in the Grand Canyon in November and they were the perfect boot for handling constant rock and broken terrain underfoot, temperature changes, rain, snow and dry conditions.

My first trip on the Hermit Trail began with a winter storm and the buses in Grand Canyon Village didn't go into service - but I didn't know that. A kind bus driver put herself into service when she saw me waiting at a bus stop at dawn with me expedition pack. She received permission to follow a snowplow to the Hermit Trailhead just to drop me off for my trip.

According to other hikers I spoke with later, I was the only person to make it down the trail that day. Thanks to the kindness of a bus driver, I headed down the Hermit Trail in the peaceful quiet of a snowstorm and experienced only the sound of wind and snow all day as I traversed the tricky South Rim trail in my Camino's.

My second trip to Clear Creek was also filled with beauty, solitude and side canyons to explore. I am 54 and have lived and traveled outdoors all of my life and hope to have many more great field days and adventures in the beautiful mountains and deserts of North America and many other places in the world as well.

LOWA boots will always go on those journeys with me.

- Rosemary S.

April 29, 2016

To everyone who lives on their feet...

Hello everyone who lives on their feet. These boots are amazing.

I am an arborist & tree climber never had an issue with these boots. I like my old ones so much that I refuse to wear my new ones. I would highly recommend a pair they are like Tem-Purpedic for your feet.

Takes a while to break in, but when broken in holy $&@@!! There is no other boot/company that can compete with Lowa.

My old shoes are two years old. The only thing I wish lowa did better was create a better foot bed. My foot is actually worn through the bed. Thanks for such a great boot


April 28, 2016

New Zealand - you are amazing

This was a trip of a lifetime. Enjoying the wild. Breathing pure air. Looking at the stars.

Hiking many summits.

Being muddy and soaked... Being happy and feeling like a part of the nature.

New Zealand, you are amazing.

- Julie C.

April 27, 2016

Our Childhood Dream: Kilimanjaro

When I met my husband we both discovered that we had a big childhood dream in common, going to Africa and climbing Kilimanjaro.

We decided that if we ever got married that would be our honeymoon, and sure enough five years later there we were, watching the sunrise on the summit standing on the highest point of all Africa.

We both researched our gear a lot so that we were prepared with the best, and decided that we would both get our Lowa Renegade boots since they were the most comfortable and recommended brand we found. We loved them!

We trained with them to break them in, and by the time we were climbing Kili they were part of our feet. They allowed us to reach our goal, our first mountain conquered as a couple!

Later they carried our feet across Tanzania and Kenya as we went on our Safari.

Now that we are back they are even better with the use they got!

- Tatiana O.

April 26, 2016

51 Mile Right of Passage

Right of passage hike with 17 year old Eagle Scout, Ryan.

51 miles on Art Loeb Trail near Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville, North Carolina.

- Ken C.

April 25, 2016

My Knees a Little Wobbly... But I Said: I Do

My boyfriend invited me on a trip to Colombia over the 2015 Christmas break.

After buying our plane tickets, we decided on El Cocuy and a trip up to Laguna Grande de la Sierra in a remote area of the Andes to see the last remaining glaciers in Colombia.

I brought along my trusty pair of Renegades that had been extensively tested summiting mountains in the Angeles National Forest near my home. Upon arriving in Colombia, we rented a car and drove eight hours straight to El Cocuy where we stayed at a farmhouse.

The next day, I donned my Renegades at 6 am to start our hike. It was a difficult ascent over 6,000 feet through changing terrain from grassy plains, mud, loose gravel, and large boulders to finally reach an altitude of 16,896 feet.

Once we reached Laguna Grande de la Sierra we felt a wave of relief after the incredible effort. My boyfriend decided a picture was in order to mark our feat and set up his camera on a nearby rock. As he came closer to pose for the picture, he knelt down on one knee and produced a ring.

 'Will you marry me?' he asked.

My knees became a little wobbly as I realized what was happening. I said yes in an instant and we enjoyed a beautiful moment in front of three glaciers. We soon realized we still had the challenge of descending the difficult terrain.

So, with my new fiancé, we descended as soon-to-be husband and wife.

- Lindsey H.

April 23, 2016

Never give up on an old friend!

I buy my first Lowa to walk to Compostelle in France. It was immediately love between them and me :)

I walk 600km this time in 2012.

Next year I walk 400 km around the St. Laurent river in Québec in 2013. 2014 I buy new sole for them, I go walk again for 450 km.

And I buy "big sister" lowa renegade for mountain :) And this year, my old zephyr and me go to walk more than 200 km aroud the big river Saguenay again in Quebec!

Never give up old friend!

- Hélène G.

April 22, 2016

Filming in Tirol, Austria

I'm a production sound mixer for TV and film, and I typically shoot on location.

For one feature film in particular, we were shooting in the Austrian Alps, outside of Tirol, Austria. Lots of walking, hiking, rigging, pushing, with some days more painful than others.

From shooting on the edge of mountains, trekking through rivers laden with jagged rocks and exposed sheet metal, to moss-laden boulders in vast forests, I wore my Lowa Renegades every day for 2 months. This was in 2011, and I still wear them whenever I shoot in rough terrain.

Literally the best boots I've ever owned. This photo: my incredible boom op, Omar B., standing on the left, me on the right.

- Matthew S.

April 21, 2016

Aksu-Zhabagyly Nature Preserve

Ever since I bought my first pair of Lowa's, I have taken them everywhere I go. I initially bought them for everyday wear as my Renegades were as comfortable as slippers from the get go, but as an experienced traveler I figured my Lowa's would be perfect for traveling as well, and might even welcome the change from the pedestrian (pun intended) pace of Eastern Canada urban life.

I have taken several different pairs of Lowa's everywhere from Egypt to Greece, India, China and most recently to a trip along the Silk Road that left shoe prints in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

My current shoes have been from deserts to the base of a 4000 meter-high glacier and everywhere in between. The picture - above - was taken at 2,573 meters, on the Kazakh side of the Aksu-Zhabagyly nature reserve.

My shoes are now 3 years-old and I still wear them as my go-to shoes as soon as snow has melted. They are showing their age however, and my trip to Peru in Fall 2016 would greatly benefit from a new pair of Lowas!

- Yannick M.

April 20, 2016

True testimony to a quality boot.

One morning, I took my buddies out to the river to go fly fishing. They had been before, but did not own their own equipment, so I lent them some waders.

My friend, Nick, was using a pair of stockingfoot waders I owned that did not have a matching pair of boots.

He shrugged it off as no issue, and stepped straight into his Lowas. He spent the whole day on the river in them and they held up great, also provided the support and grip he needed to traverse slippery rocks under heavy current.

Dried them off that evening and they were good to go the next day. True testimony to a quality product.

- Sam C.

April 18, 2016

Only One to be Found

I'm a mother of a 21 year old son who loves nothing more than to be in nature. When my son was heading off to The Evergreen State college in Washington State. He talked of plans to explore the forest his college is next to and many other beautiful places he had so far only read about.

I knew he would need a solid pair of hiking boots to protect him from the rain and carry him firmly on his many hikes. He took off from Santa Monica, California in my 1997 beat up Lexus, which had a very reliable engine that never left me down... along with his brand new Lowa boots in the trunk.

While at college he called now and again to let us know he was fine but mainly to remind me his bank account was really low. :) As my mom used to say "money isn't everything but it sure keeps the kids in touch".

When we went to visit at Thanksgiving, I noticed his leather shoes were very wet and when I finally had a chance to look them over I was shocked that the leather soles of his shoes had exposed layers with a hole in the middle. He told me that he kept forgetting to put on his boots when he was heading out for a hike.

I insisted on seeing his Lowa boots to check if he ever wore them. He pulled one out from under his dorm bed and I could see some traces of mud, but not much. When he wasn't looking I stuffed the rotten leather shoes in a plastic bag and hid them in my rental car so he couldn't wear them again.

He came home at Christmas and again he had shoes on that showed clear signs of being worn in the rain and mud. I continued to remind him to wear his wonderful boots, I texted him asking him if he was indeed wearing them and, of course, he responded yes.

It wasn't until summer break that I finally learned the truth.

He unloaded the car and put his things away and there, next to his shoes, was one not very worn Lowa boot.

When I asked where was the matching boot his head dropped. He told me that in his first week of college he went camping in the forest with some new friends. They had a great time exploring by day and sitting around playing music by night. That following week when he went to put on his boots he could only find one.

After searching high and low he figured the missing boot was left behind in the forest when they packed up. He returned to the forest every week or two and searched for the boot, all his friends kept an eye out for it too but it was never found.

He said he didn't want to tell me because he new they weren't cheap boots and he was sure it would turn up eventually and then the year passed and nothing.

I've had the boot here at our home, I look at it every now and then and wonder who may have found the other. If I knew I could send the this one on to them, such a shame no one is getting to wear them.

Of course my son has another pair of boots but not the same quality as the Lowa's. Today flicking through my copy of Sierra I saw an ad for Lowa boots with the caption "where will you go in your Lowas? My heart sank thinking of all those wonderful hikes my son took wearing his regular shoes, his feet sopping wet and his Lowa boot nowhere to be found.

- Deidre R.

April 16, 2016

Miles All Over The Globe

My Lowas have seen miles all over the globe.

They have been with me through bloodshed, sweat, mud, water and tears. They are combat approved and explosive resistant.

While serving in Afghanistan in 2012 my good friend and I were struck with a 107mm rocket just feet in front of us and there is blood on my Lowas to prove it.

Since getting out of the military a year ago I wear these boots all over, including work and hiking vacations.

I'll never buy a different brand of boots.

- Michael E.

April 15, 2016

LOWAs are awesomeeeee!

Hey! I've been traveling around the Americas for the last 8 months.

I used my Renegades all the time. They are awesomeeeee!

USA , Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil - my the Renegades walked all over. I'll be happy to get a new pair of boots!

Thank you, Lowa.

- Tibor K.

April 14, 2016

Capitol Reef

My best friend and I did a week long road trip to some national parks in Utah. One of our favorites was Capitol Reef. It was uncrowded and beautiful. We found this shady slot canyon and stemmed our way up to reach the top.

- Camille C.

April 8, 2016

How to Impress the Guy

I feel like every girl who wants to impress the guy can relate.

Traveling has never been an intimidating process for me, it is more of an exciting adventure but when my boyfriend got a job in New Zealand - on a vineyard, during harvest season - we discussed a backpacking trip after harvest.

I would fly out for three weeks and we would explore the stunning country.

A few things crossed my mind:
1. This is going to be incredible
2. I have never been backpacking, I don't want to look like a rookie in front of him.
3. It will be the first time I see him in 3 months!

I have to look my best while backpacking (but you know not look like I am about to walk a red carpet) I researched, I youtubed, I went to the local REI and am ready for this trip.

And the kicker, cute shoes that are comfortable and make me look like a pro!

Thanks Lowa boots! You brought the whole experience together.

It was actually the black and purple boots that inspired the whole outfit. See my look in my photo :)

- Molly M.

Hiking in Reykjavik

My girlfriend and I took our renegades to Iceland and hiked one of their national parks.

We also visited a geyser and took all our walks around Reykjavik (which can be a little slippery in early March.)

The boots were amazing and handled the terrain amazingly while keeping our feet warm and comfortable.

THANK YOU Lowa for these amazing boots.

- Mitchell C.

April 7, 2016

Ultimate Dog Walking

I needed a my awesome LOWA boots to hold back this 170 pound Great Dane! I'm on my feet 12 hours a day, and walk about 8 miles every one of those days.

Best boots ever.

- Joe G.

April 4, 2016

Yosemite High Country

I remember buying my first pair of Lowa's right before going on a multi day trip through the high country in Yosemite.

It was my first time doing such and I wanted a pair of boots that would stand up to the test. I picked up a pair of LOWAs and started breaking them in. What I quickly found out was they didn't need much time to do so!

They also held up well and I have worn them in several other trips and they have still continued to work well for me!

I also have a 2 pairs of the Renegade model that I wear for work and around the house and I love them equally as well!

- Ryann E.

April 3, 2016

My Boots Tell a Story

Hello! I have had my LOWA renegades for almost 5 years now, I will never own another pair of boots as long as I still have feet. I literately wear them everyday, mostly because I'm consistently hiking or doing some sort of boot required activity. I bought them initially for a backpacking trip to Mt. Whitney and Yosemite, not knowing I would be investing in the best shoe ever made. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to break them in but I've never had any problem with odor, blisters, or being to hot or cold.

A few years prior I had made a commitment to myself to backpack more and spend more time in nature, growing up I had always been an outdoor person but like many the responsibility of adulthood set in. The places and miles my boots and I have seen are unbelievable, with still many more to come.

My father a Vietnam veteran, successful business owner and best dad around always had a bright smile when he saw my boots by the back door. He knew my boots meant another adventure, another story to share and, more moments he could be proud to have an adventurous daughter to brag about.

He encouraged me to see things, gain new experiences and, challenge myself in all sorts of different ways. I had started planning a BIG trip in the fall of 2014, an epic backpacking trip on the John Muir Trail, a journey I knew would be challenging and very rewarding. In February of 2015 my heart was shattered into pieces. On a cold Ohio day I came home to find my Father had passed away. That moment changed me. I lay in the cold snow crying over him knowing this would be the last time I ever saw him. I cried and I yelled and I wished for just one more moment with him. I still get emotional thinking about how difficult that time was. I got up and called for help and the rest was just time passing from the last time I had seen him.

At 29, I felt like a lost child. Time passed and little by little I got stronger. Grieving is a process for a reason, sorting through emotions and taking every second as it comes. On the day of my Dad's funeral, I woke up and decided I needed a walk, being accustom to snow and cold the 20 below temperatures felt like an ocean breeze that day.

I grabbed my boots and walked. I wore them to the funeral so he would know that I wouldn't give up on my adventures. As I have continued on, and thing in my heart have settled I consider that my Dad is still a part of my journey, I travel even more now, for him. Time is precious, I remind myself everyday that I have to live now and not wait until its to late to do the things that I enjoy. With the pieces coming back together I started continuing to plan my trip on the JMT with even more desire and determination than before.

I am doing it for myself and I am keeping my Fathers flame burning as I go, he is the voice in my head that tells me all things are possible and I am capable of anything. On July 17th 2016 I start the JMT with boots in hand!!

My next adventure after that is driving across the USA for a year, I will spend a week in every state starting January 1st 2017. My boots don't just go on my feet, they tell a story. They remind me of the things that I have been through and the things that I look forward to.

- Susanne C.

April 2, 2016

Mt. Diablo

Here I am hiking with my son, Mark, up Eagle Peek on Mt. Diablo, California.

- Greg G.