Roaming and Reviewing in South America


I am sending you the text for a review we did on our website of the Lowa boots that I have owned and worn to travel all around the world.

My wife and I run a website to promote outdoor tourism to South America. We are developing a page where we will review outdoor gear. I have owned and worn Lowa boots for the last 5 years while travelling the world including South America where I now reside in Ecuador.

I have worn them to travel and hike in over 21 countries and I can definitely say I have not been disappointed. They are still in great shape. Below is the original text for the review on our website. Please let me know if there is anyway we could help promote each others company.


Visit Evan's website by clicking here.

I originally bought my Lowa Hiking Boots 5 years ago while living in the United States. I was getting ready for my first big gig as a cameraman for an hunting television show filmed deep in the Rocky Mountains of Montana and Colorado. I knew this would be a rough and rugged adventure that would require me to travel miles a day on foot through snow, mud, hillsides, jagged rocks and whatever else the wild west could throw at me. I didn’t want to be stuck miles from civilization with a broken boot. So, I invested a little bit more than I usually would and years later I am still wearing the same boots to climb the Andes Mountains and roam around South America, including the full Inca Trail. I am still surprised that with a little wash these boots still appear as new. The soles have not worn down and the leather is hardly creased and I can say I have truly put these boots through the ringer. -Evan


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