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Salkantay Pass en route to Machu Picchu

I've had my Lowa boots for 6 years, and they have served me incredibly well.

They have gone on treks in the Rockies in Canada; the forests of Vermont, USA; the jungle in Borneo; cloud forests in Monteverde, Costa Rica; volunteering in Tanzania; the Scottish Cairngorms in the UK; exploring West Cork, Ireland; across deserts in Namibia; the Amazon in Ecuador and the Andes in Peru.

 I am about to head off to the Dolomites in Italy and will be using my boots in Iceland later this year. They have served me well through all these adventures and they continue to do so!

 PS. The picture is of me hiking through the Salkantay Pass en route to Machu Picchu in Peru!

- Louis

Where Will This Pair Take Me?

After several years of trying, I finally wore out my first pair of Lowa Boots.

Here's the before and after. Can't wait to see where this pair takes me. 

- Will M.

Roaming and Reviewing in South America


I am sending you the text for a review we did on our website of the Lowa boots that I have owned and worn to travel all around the world.

My wife and I run a website to promote outdoor tourism to South America. We are developing a page where we will review outdoor gear. I have owned and worn Lowa boots for the last 5 years while travelling the world including South America where I now reside in Ecuador.

I have worn them to travel and hike in over 21 countries and I can definitely say I have not been disappointed. They are still in great shape. Below is the original text for the review on our website. Please let me know if there is anyway we could help promote each others company.


Visit Evan's website by clicking here.

I originally bought my Lowa Hiking Boots 5 years ago while living in the United States. I was getting ready for my first big gig as a cameraman for an hunting television show filmed deep in the Rocky…

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