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55 Miles Along the PCT

At the end of our 55 mile Pacific Crest Trail section hike, including a Mt. Whitney summit excursion, from the back side.

My Lowa's handled the granite perfectly.

- Dan LaB.

Josie's Boots

Josie's boot arrived in the mail just before we left...

... on a 5 week, 11,203 mile, road trip to Alaska.

She was thrilled to wear her new green boots as we hiked in Denali National Park.

- Heidi

In the Pasayton Wilderness

Lowa Renegade LL on the trail. 
Third pair, all purchased at Sporthaus in Yakima.

My first pair went to Annapurna Nepal, second wore out in the Cascades.

This pair, with about 700 miles on them, are at the USA/Canadian boundary marker, Pasayton Wilderness, Armstrong Mt.

 The Lowa Renegade LL is the most comfortable boot I have ever owned. Great traction and they easily carry a 40# pack on trail or cross country. At the end of the day I am the only one not anxious to get out of my boots.

Thanks Lowa!

- Phil B.