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Greenland Demands My Respect

Greenland is tough. Tough on your body, tough on your mind, tough on your equipment. Surviving is hard, thriving is even harder. Life is precarious, clinging on in a barren landscape of rock and ice.

Greenland demands your respect, your constant vigilance and isn't shy about reminding you who's boss. The thundering of rockfalls, the creaking of the ice cap, the crash of icebergs all give fair warning of the dangers barely held in check.

But Greenland rewards those who persevere. Unspoiled scenery of soaring mountains and majestic valleys. Graceful icebergs and rugged glaciers. Whales glide through the ocean, undisturbed by the freezing arctic temperatures, while eagles soar overhead.

There are no easy exits here. Your feet are your primary vehicle and your emergency route. Every day you face rock, scree, ice, snow and water in a never ending loop of ascents and descents. Your boots need to be as adaptable as you are.

My Lowa Caminos are the perfect companion here. Waterproof …

Warm and Dry, Despite the Weather


I'm a pilot of the Chilean Army, and I would like to tell you that during an exercise performed last week, despite the weather conditions, with 30 centimeters of snow, and 4 hours of walking, my Lowa Gore-tex boots remained 100% dry.

After this, many colleagues have chosen to buy the same boots and enjoy their performance and comfort. After this experience I will be faithful promoter of your brand !!

I will continue to enjoying working and flying in my Lowa boots.

- Nicolas T.