Happy, Healthy Feet

One of the things my wife and I enjoy the most is walking.

We walk to be as long as we can in the present and always hoping to arrive to a great future.

While planning our wedding we knew we would include as much hiking as we could so we decided to start the adventure climbing Kilimanjaro and then do a safari in Tanzania and Kenya.

Restrictions for amount of luggage were very strict with the african airlines so we decided we wanted to travel with only one pair of boots, so these had to be very good for the mountain where we would face snow, rain, and extreme heat, and very comfortable for the rest of the trip.

After a lot of research and trying many brands we both chose the Lowa Renegades and after 4 weeks of travel I can say we had happy and healthy feet, no matter what environment we were at.

It always felt like a reward walking in these boots.

- Jose de C.


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