Best Day Ever

Last Christmas I took our family to our local mountains for a long weekend. We set out on a mission to build a snowman.

We were traversing a side hill to get to the perfect spot to build the man. A simple walk actually, but my wife was having a hard time walking. It was like she was drunk or something. she kept slipping and falling, becoming more and more wet. We were laughing so hard, when my daughter noticed her boots were coming apart.

Anyway we accomplished our mission. One of the best days ever.

- Kim B.

* Note from LOWA - sorry to hear that her boots were giving her trouble. Older boots, if not worn regularly, can sometimes experience sole separation. It's a lot like a bicycle that is stored in the garage for many years ~ unused, you quite often deal with tires going flat. If they are relatively new boots, please contact us: 

PS: Beautiful photo!


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