Our Childhood Dream: Kilimanjaro

When I met my husband we both discovered that we had a big childhood dream in common, going to Africa and climbing Kilimanjaro.

We decided that if we ever got married that would be our honeymoon, and sure enough five years later there we were, watching the sunrise on the summit standing on the highest point of all Africa.

We both researched our gear a lot so that we were prepared with the best, and decided that we would both get our Lowa Renegade boots since they were the most comfortable and recommended brand we found. We loved them!

We trained with them to break them in, and by the time we were climbing Kili they were part of our feet. They allowed us to reach our goal, our first mountain conquered as a couple!

Later they carried our feet across Tanzania and Kenya as we went on our Safari.

Now that we are back they are even better with the use they got!

- Tatiana O.


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