My Knees a Little Wobbly... But I Said: I Do

My boyfriend invited me on a trip to Colombia over the 2015 Christmas break.

After buying our plane tickets, we decided on El Cocuy and a trip up to Laguna Grande de la Sierra in a remote area of the Andes to see the last remaining glaciers in Colombia.

I brought along my trusty pair of Renegades that had been extensively tested summiting mountains in the Angeles National Forest near my home. Upon arriving in Colombia, we rented a car and drove eight hours straight to El Cocuy where we stayed at a farmhouse.

The next day, I donned my Renegades at 6 am to start our hike. It was a difficult ascent over 6,000 feet through changing terrain from grassy plains, mud, loose gravel, and large boulders to finally reach an altitude of 16,896 feet.

Once we reached Laguna Grande de la Sierra we felt a wave of relief after the incredible effort. My boyfriend decided a picture was in order to mark our feat and set up his camera on a nearby rock. As he came closer to pose for the picture, he knelt down on one knee and produced a ring.

 'Will you marry me?' he asked.

My knees became a little wobbly as I realized what was happening. I said yes in an instant and we enjoyed a beautiful moment in front of three glaciers. We soon realized we still had the challenge of descending the difficult terrain.

So, with my new fiancé, we descended as soon-to-be husband and wife.

- Lindsey H.


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