My Journeys with LOWA

About 10 years ago I developed plantar heel problems after an injury. I searched for boots that really worked well for my feet. Then I discovered Lowa Boots and have been hooked on them ever since.

I occasionally test gear for Gore-tex and am a wildlife field biologist and tracker in the high Rockies and the Sonoran Desert, spending 270 to 300 days in the field every year - so good boots are essential.

A Lowa Rep recommended the Camino GTX to me two years ago and I love them. I took them on two back-to-back week-long solo backpacking trips in the Grand Canyon in November and they were the perfect boot for handling constant rock and broken terrain underfoot, temperature changes, rain, snow and dry conditions.

My first trip on the Hermit Trail began with a winter storm and the buses in Grand Canyon Village didn't go into service - but I didn't know that. A kind bus driver put herself into service when she saw me waiting at a bus stop at dawn with me expedition pack. She received permission to follow a snowplow to the Hermit Trailhead just to drop me off for my trip.

According to other hikers I spoke with later, I was the only person to make it down the trail that day. Thanks to the kindness of a bus driver, I headed down the Hermit Trail in the peaceful quiet of a snowstorm and experienced only the sound of wind and snow all day as I traversed the tricky South Rim trail in my Camino's.

My second trip to Clear Creek was also filled with beauty, solitude and side canyons to explore. I am 54 and have lived and traveled outdoors all of my life and hope to have many more great field days and adventures in the beautiful mountains and deserts of North America and many other places in the world as well.

LOWA boots will always go on those journeys with me.

- Rosemary S.


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