How to Impress the Guy

I feel like every girl who wants to impress the guy can relate.

Traveling has never been an intimidating process for me, it is more of an exciting adventure but when my boyfriend got a job in New Zealand - on a vineyard, during harvest season - we discussed a backpacking trip after harvest.

I would fly out for three weeks and we would explore the stunning country.

A few things crossed my mind:
1. This is going to be incredible
2. I have never been backpacking, I don't want to look like a rookie in front of him.
3. It will be the first time I see him in 3 months!

I have to look my best while backpacking (but you know not look like I am about to walk a red carpet) I researched, I youtubed, I went to the local REI and am ready for this trip.

And the kicker, cute shoes that are comfortable and make me look like a pro!

Thanks Lowa boots! You brought the whole experience together.

It was actually the black and purple boots that inspired the whole outfit. See my look in my photo :)

- Molly M.


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