No, Not that Matterhorn

I found a pair of Lowa Renegades used a few years ago, and they quickly became my favorite boot.

The boots are supple, super quiet, but still amazingly rugged. I hiked numerous peaks in these boots, and took them beyond the limits of what I thought the boot could take.

Last fall I climbed the Matterhorn -- no, not that Matterhorn, the Matterhorn located in Oregon, in the western U.S.

It was a fantastic, spontaneous climb. The plan was only to hike to Ice Lake to scout out the area for follow-up summits, but a few friendly climbers at Ice Lake helped point out the route, and estimate the time it would take.

So I set out, and soon enough found myself at the summit. I'm not much of a selfie kind of guy, but snapped this pic of my boot as proof of the summit for my buddies.

Sadly, after 7 years of use, this ended up being the final hike in these boots. They finally gave out later last winter, and will have to be justly retired in the proper manner.

I'm not sure yet, but maybe I'll tie them to a remote fencepost, or bury them at the Matterhorn summit next year, once I get my new pair of Renegades.

The best boot ever!!!

- Jesse W.


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