Hey guys. I'm Corey. I live in the beautiful coastal mountains of British Columbia. I have been through so many pairs of boots in 5 years I can't even list them all. I eat boots for breakfast it seems.

I am a mountain man. Yes I said it. Bold statement but true. I mountaineer. Rock climb. Splitboard. WW canoe. Anything with mountains. I also build access trails for all of the above.

The only boots! Only! Boots that have survived are my LOWA Big Horns. They take on the best and worst the coast mountains have to offer. They keep dry in freezing cold glacier fed river crossings. Take the abuse of sharp granite and volcanic scree fields. Keep my ankle intact when I step somewhere I shouldn't. They keep the countless thorns and sharp vegetation out of my concern.

And, on a 10 day backcountry trip wearing a 70 pound pack, they do everything they are supposed to be. I have yet to see a boot like this that can take my hobbies and line of work and still be waterproof, supportive and comfortable. I have eaten through the best of the best boots - claimed or famed. But, these boots can keep up with me.

Now if you could show my girlfriend how to do the same that would be great! ;)

Indestructible. And that's not a word I have used when taking about boots!

Cheers and thanks for your time!

Corey K.


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