33,000 Miles to Go

So I have 33,000 miles to go. In just 57 days.

A 'round the world adventure this autumn, with another "empty nester."

We met, fell in love, realized our four fledglings had all flown into the blue yonder....and decided to do the same.

First stop: boot shop. Tried loads of pairs; laced up a pair of Lowa boots, and fell in love again. Since I brought them home last week, they've been fidgeting in their box. So today's gentle two miler was our first date. I can't show you my beautiful new Lowas on a snowy precipice, or by a world famous ravine. I can show you them by the River Teme, on the historic Breadwalk in the beautiful medieval market town of Ludlow in the UK, where I live. And you know why this slow meander was heart-thumpingly exciting? Because these were the first two miles my Lowas have ever clocked up.

Come September, they'll march me up the steps on planes to Chicago, then Calgary and Banff. They'll ride with me on the Rocky Mountaineer, walk me round Vancouver and San Francisco, through New Zealand, and Tonga! They'll take me to dinner in Hong Kong and hear me gasp at the terracotta warriors in China. They'll grip the ground while the bullet train whisks me through Japan, and feel the clattering vibrations of the Reunification Express as it rumbles north to south through Vietnam.

They'll hold me steady while I climb scores of steps up to beautiful temples at Siem Reap in Cambodia. And they'll glide me through Customs when I land back at Heathrow and head home.

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- Jane M.


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