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Never Failed Me

My Lowa Renegades have never failed me after 3 years. I've hiked, hunted, and worn them around the farm with not a care in the world.

I can guarantee my boot of choice for the rest of my life with be Lowas.

- Elliot D.

My Dear LOWA Boots...

The story between me and my dear Lowa boots began after I broke my foot. My shoes were no longer able to support my injured foot. My doctor suggested LOWA and promised me it would be a great investment.

After the first pair, there are second, third, fourth, and fifth one.

I hike on them for so many hiking and camping trips.

My feet are happy in lowa so that I am able to explore more mountains.

Thank you, Lowa!

- Lu W.

Cotopaxi and the Inca Trail

Last year, we hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu. It was a spectacular and challenging hike. The highest point was Dead Woman's Pass, at 13,780 feet.

We also hiked to the glacier on Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador, even higher. My Lowa Boots provided sturdy support on the rough and slippery trails.

- Martha L.

Beautiful Fall Day and our Anniversary, Too!

Last summer my husband and I went hiking in Allegany State Park to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. He had given me LOWA hiking boots as a Christmas gift.

There was one nice trail that touched the Pennsylvania border. We found the marker and I stood in both New York and Pennsyvania at the same time. We really enjoyed our time together on that beautiful fall day.

No, Not that Matterhorn

I found a pair of Lowa Renegades used a few years ago, and they quickly became my favorite boot.

The boots are supple, super quiet, but still amazingly rugged. I hiked numerous peaks in these boots, and took them beyond the limits of what I thought the boot could take.

Last fall I climbed the Matterhorn -- no, not that Matterhorn, the Matterhorn located in Oregon, in the western U.S.

It was a fantastic, spontaneous climb. The plan was only to hike to Ice Lake to scout out the area for follow-up summits, but a few friendly climbers at Ice Lake helped point out the route, and estimate the time it would take.

So I set out, and soon enough found myself at the summit. I'm not much of a selfie kind of guy, but snapped this pic of my boot as proof of the summit for my buddies.

Sadly, after 7 years of use, this ended up being the final hike in these boots. They finally gave out later last winter, and will have to be justly retired in the proper manner.

I'm not sure yet, but maybe I&#…

33,000 Miles to Go

So I have 33,000 miles to go. In just 57 days.

A 'round the world adventure this autumn, with another "empty nester."

We met, fell in love, realized our four fledglings had all flown into the blue yonder....and decided to do the same.

First stop: boot shop. Tried loads of pairs; laced up a pair of Lowa boots, and fell in love again. Since I brought them home last week, they've been fidgeting in their box. So today's gentle two miler was our first date. I can't show you my beautiful new Lowas on a snowy precipice, or by a world famous ravine. I can show you them by the River Teme, on the historic Breadwalk in the beautiful medieval market town of Ludlow in the UK, where I live. And you know why this slow meander was heart-thumpingly exciting? Because these were the first two miles my Lowas have ever clocked up.

Come September, they'll march me up the steps on planes to Chicago, then Calgary and Banff. They'll ride with me on the Rocky Mountaineer, wal…

First Elk Hunt

Last fall I went on my first elk hunt in Colorado. When purchasing my gear, I kept hearing that the boots were one of the most important items to get as you're on your feet all day and carrying your camp on your back. I took the advice of a couple of friends and looked at Lowa boots.

I bought the Renegades, and for 10 days in the mountains my feet never hurt, never got wet, and they had great support. I had such a great experience with the Renegades that I am looking at buying the Tibet GTX's.

- Chad R.

LaCloche Silhouette

My Lowa Tibet boots got me and my 48 lb pack up to top of the LaCloche Silhouette mountains.

I am suffering from PTSD and depression and this trek was one of a few that I will attempt to complete this year as therapy. What I lack in ankle strength is more than compensated for with the great support in the Tibet. A great boot that has made my goals possible. Otherwise, I couldn't carry that weight on these difficult treks.

 One down, 3 to go.

 - Terry

Scrambling in Jasper National Park

Scrambling in Jasper National Park, Canada, in July 2014! Lots of loose scree, streams and varied terrain but my Lowa Banff boots never had a single problem.

I have now owned these boots for 6 years and have done everything with them from just camping in the woods to full-pack trekking and mountaineering in the Peruvian Andes and they still have years of life left in them.

I have yet to find a company that makes higher quality and more durable boots than Lowa!

- Ying L.

Having a Blast on Misery Ridge

My sister and I are in Oregon and, boy! There are too many places to hike it seems. This trip we decided to visit Smith Rock in Redmond.

Took the whole day for this trip but it was well worth the effort. Thank goodness I remembered my Lowa's cause otherwise I would've been hurting afterwords. It's practically a hike on it's own just to get from where you park to the actual trail head for the Misery Ridge loop.

It takes you up the side and all over the top of this amazing structure before putting you back down the other side near the river for a gentle walk back to the trail head.

The whole thing is quite the climb but my boots made it all possible. In fact I love them so much that I had convinced my sister to get a pair as well! All in all the view was amazing and the hike was rewarding. I can't imagine using any other boot again to be honest.

 - Matthew M.

The Oak Street Blues

I wear my Renegades everywhere, whether camping or here at the Northridge Farmers Market playing the bass with "Oak Street Blues."

 - Pacifico G.

Scaling Mt. Doom

My Lowas were an irreplaceable asset during my trip to Fiji and New Zealand.

The lightweight boot and superb waterproofing made for an unbelievable experience. Hikers are much happier when their feet are in good shape!

They helped me traverse 15+ miles a day and even scale the treacherous volcano Mt. Doom from Lord of the Rings!

Thank you for creating an excellent boot.

- Ian R.


Hey guys. I'm Corey. I live in the beautiful coastal mountains of British Columbia. I have been through so many pairs of boots in 5 years I can't even list them all. I eat boots for breakfast it seems.

I am a mountain man. Yes I said it. Bold statement but true. I mountaineer. Rock climb. Splitboard. WW canoe. Anything with mountains. I also build access trails for all of the above.

The only boots! Only! Boots that have survived are my LOWA Big Horns. They take on the best and worst the coast mountains have to offer. They keep dry in freezing cold glacier fed river crossings. Take the abuse of sharp granite and volcanic scree fields. Keep my ankle intact when I step somewhere I shouldn't. They keep the countless thorns and sharp vegetation out of my concern.

And, on a 10 day backcountry trip wearing a 70 pound pack, they do everything they are supposed to be. I have yet to see a boot like this that can take my hobbies and line of work and still be waterproof, supportive a…

Holland Lake, Montana

First time Lowa owner! First hike of 2016 @ Holland Lake, MT! Best boots EVER!

 - Chelsey K.

Automobiles and Alpacas

On two weeks notice, I decided to take the trip of a lifetime.

Planes, trains, automobiles, and alpacas helped me get to this incredible wonder of the world, but it was the Lowas that got me through it. No break in time needed, waterproof indeed (which came in quite handy for the wide range of Peruvian climates and spontaneous rain), and made me feel sturdy walking through ancient history.

Happy memories and happy feet make for a traveler's dream come true.

- Alla S.

Sand Between My Toes

A spring break trip to Death Valley National Park...would not have been complete without visiting the Eureka Sand Dunes in the more remote Eureka Valley to the north.

One of my most memorable hikes, both with and without my Lowa Renegades...

Gotta feel the sand between your toes!

- Michael F.

Conquered the Great Wall

Conquered the Great Wall effortlessly.

- J.

Hooked on Ice Climbing

First time ever ice climbing and I'm already hooked.

Always wanted to go bigger than just rock climbing. Ice climbing just opened another door for bigger mountains.

The boots I used were the Latok XT. I've tried many other boots for mountaineering but, honestly, these are the most comfortable and warmest boots ever.

Didn't want to take them off.

- Phillip R.

Tree Felling in my LOWA Boots

Removed this dying Siberian Elm Tree in Rapid City, South Dakota, wearing my Lowa Renegades. Thanks for an amazing boot.

- Ben B.