No More Dehydrated Meals!

I am 16 and recently organized a hiking trip with a few friends to go through the Catskill Mountains in NY for several days. We chose (for some reason) to hike the Devil's Path, through a specific section with five summits. It was every bit as awful as it sounded but it was also incredibly enjoyable.

There was one section of our trip that required bushwhacking, where we had some minor incidents with black bears and fifty foot rock faces, but everyone survived the trip with only minor injuries.

This was the maiden voyage for my LOWAs and they were perfect!

This was also my first time eating only dehydrated meals, and let's just say I have a newfound appreciation for fresh vegetables. Directly after our trip, we stopped at the first diner we could find and cleaned it out. I personally had two entrees, fries, a fruit cup, and a chocolate milkshake.

Next on the list for my LOWAs is a three week backpacking trip in Denali National Park!

- Susanna D.


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