Finding the Deeper, Tougher Side of Each Other

After a family tragedy in 2014, my son and I decided to travel far away on a journey where we had no idea what to expect.

Everest Base Camp.

He had never trekked a mountain before, and I had not climbed in years. But, we were determined.

After one disasterous training hike up White Mountain in Califorina, where we nearly froze to death due to a fast moving storm, we went out 2 days later and bought our Lowa mountaineering boots. They saved the day and our feet! Everest Base Camp was great, Khumba glacier was beautiful.

We battled the flu, colds, and food poisioning. We had to take a helicopter out of Lukla due to flights cancelled from the bad weather.

But through it all, we met the most amazing people on our trek.

My son and I shared our first trekking adventure ever. We took turns giving each other much needed strength and first aid.

We saw a deeper, tougher side of each other that we hadn't seen before. So much respect and appreciation for each other was found up on this mountain.

Every journey is different, this was ours. We have it forever.

- Pamela T.


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