860 Miles Together!

As of today, my LOWA Renegade's and I have logged over 860 miles together.

During the last two years, we've trekked the Scottish Highlands and traipsed the American West: South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, and Washington.

We've scrambled up mountains and scuttled to canyon bottoms. Found ourselves squishing mud by the shores of remote lakes and crunching rocks in the depths of caverns.

Went heel-to-toe over slick logs to ford streams and climbed trees to harvest apples.

We backpacked the northern sections of Idaho's Divide trail and camped in a crashing lightning storm.

Saw grizzly bears swimming in Glacier Park and came nose-to-nose with moose in Idaho.

Played tag in the alders with mule deer at Devil's Tower and watched the buffalo graze across the plains at Custer State Park.

We've listened to the whisper of past lives on the abandon streets of a half-dozen different ghost towns across Montana and inhaled the aromatic fragrance of sage after a summer rain in Wyoming.

My Renegade's and I are both a bit frayed by time and miles, but we can't wait to hit the trail tomorrow and see what's over the next ridge.

- Cassandra C.


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