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100 Miles in my Renegades

I was introduced to Lowa boots last year and bought a pair of Renegades. I have used them for over 100 miles of rough hiking a lot of it through rocks.

My family and I hiked to 10 different high mountain lakes, waterfalls, the tallest peak in Idaho, and through creeks and brush hunting elk in the fall. My Lowas were with me every step of the way, most of my pictures were of the scenery and the mountains not of my boots, I wasn't thinking about my boots because they are rugged, durable and comfortable.

I now own a pair of Ronans and Baffin Pros to go with them.

- Kevin R.

First Sunrise

First sunrise of 2016.

-  Andry A.

The Wonderful South Rim

Enjoyed a wonderful hike to Grand Canyon, South Rim with our Lowa Renegades.

 - Mariel L.

30 Years in One Pair of LOWA Boots

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know you have the best boots I have ever owned. i

I have had my Lowa hiking boots for over 30 years and all I have ever done to them is have them re-soled.

I love my Lowa's.... Thank you.

- Joe F.

Finding the Deeper, Tougher Side of Each Other

After a family tragedy in 2014, my son and I decided to travel far away on a journey where we had no idea what to expect.

Everest Base Camp.

He had never trekked a mountain before, and I had not climbed in years. But, we were determined.

After one disasterous training hike up White Mountain in Califorina, where we nearly froze to death due to a fast moving storm, we went out 2 days later and bought our Lowa mountaineering boots. They saved the day and our feet! Everest Base Camp was great, Khumba glacier was beautiful.

We battled the flu, colds, and food poisioning. We had to take a helicopter out of Lukla due to flights cancelled from the bad weather.

But through it all, we met the most amazing people on our trek.

My son and I shared our first trekking adventure ever. We took turns giving each other much needed strength and first aid.

We saw a deeper, tougher side of each other that we hadn't seen before. So much respect and appreciation for each other was found up on this mount…

860 Miles Together!

As of today, my LOWA Renegade's and I have logged over 860 miles together.

During the last two years, we've trekked the Scottish Highlands and traipsed the American West: South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, and Washington.

We've scrambled up mountains and scuttled to canyon bottoms. Found ourselves squishing mud by the shores of remote lakes and crunching rocks in the depths of caverns.

Went heel-to-toe over slick logs to ford streams and climbed trees to harvest apples.

We backpacked the northern sections of Idaho's Divide trail and camped in a crashing lightning storm.

Saw grizzly bears swimming in Glacier Park and came nose-to-nose with moose in Idaho.

Played tag in the alders with mule deer at Devil's Tower and watched the buffalo graze across the plains at Custer State Park.

We've listened to the whisper of past lives on the abandon streets of a half-dozen different ghost towns across Montana and inhaled the aromatic fragrance of sage after a…

From Waterfalls to Volcanos

Traveled to Iceland used the boots everyday. From the base of a waterfall..

... to the inside of a volcano. Used them will walking on a glacier and trekking all over Iceland.

Having these boots, and the travel bug, I set out to Peru.

Climbed the steps to Machu Picchu and all over Cusco.

- Kaleb R.

Big Aspirations

I'm a travel nurse who has just begun this journey only a year ago. I have big aspirations for where my feet will take me throughout the years to come. I stumbled upon my first pair of LOWA Renegade boots through a birthday present and have been in love ever since.

My journey begins in Boston on the blue hills reservation, thought that would be a great place to break in my new boots.

After 6 months in Boston, I made the journey across country to settle in Seattle through the summer. My Renegades have been to Deception pass, Cougar Mountain Regional, and the beautiful Lake Twenty Two.

My feet stay warm and dry throughout the streams, rain, sleet, mud, and snow. I know Lowa and I will remain best friends for life. Couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.

- Amber N.

500 Feet in the Air

I've been all over the country and 500' in the air in my LOWA Zephyrs! They have been the most comfortable, longest lasting boot I have ever owned.

I climb cell phone towers and I don't like cowboy-type work boots. After 4 or 5 of the top brand hiking boots falling apart on me in less than 6 months, I found your boots. Outstanding durability going strong for over 1.5 years.

- Carl L.

The Fall that Changed my Life

A year ago I took a long fall on a hike that should have killed me, paralyzed me, or at least broke a few bones.

Somehow I was carried off that mountain with minor injuries.

The days following that I was unable to get out of bed because it hurt so bad to move, and weeks that I was on crutches made me realize how blessed I was to have a body that can walk, run, hike, and lift weights.

I will never take another step for granted. I am so grateful and so blessed. God is good.

~ Sara C.

250 Miles!

The John Muir Trail has been on my bucket list for years, so it was due to get checked off.

I finally got the opportunity and completed the trail in 2015, hiking 250 miles over a months time from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney. 

It was the time of my life sleeping under the most picturesque starry skies, jumping into unnamed alpine lakes, summiting mountains, and counting marmots.

It was also full of adventurous trials - wildfires, broken toenails, and exhaustion. Fortunately, I was sporting my Lowa Renegades, which kept my feet happy, healthy, and BLISTER FREE. They gave me the opportunity to enjoy the sights, rather than pampering achy feet.

- Katie K.

Watching the Elk Play

Relaxing in an alpine meadow at 11,000 feet and watching the elk play after a long day backpacking in the Rocky Mountains.

- Jona S.

No More Dehydrated Meals!

I am 16 and recently organized a hiking trip with a few friends to go through the Catskill Mountains in NY for several days. We chose (for some reason) to hike the Devil's Path, through a specific section with five summits. It was every bit as awful as it sounded but it was also incredibly enjoyable.

There was one section of our trip that required bushwhacking, where we had some minor incidents with black bears and fifty foot rock faces, but everyone survived the trip with only minor injuries.

This was the maiden voyage for my LOWAs and they were perfect!

This was also my first time eating only dehydrated meals, and let's just say I have a newfound appreciation for fresh vegetables. Directly after our trip, we stopped at the first diner we could find and cleaned it out. I personally had two entrees, fries, a fruit cup, and a chocolate milkshake.

Next on the list for my LOWAs is a three week backpacking trip in Denali National Park!

- Susanna D.

If my Lowas could talk!

Gorilla Trekking

in Uganda and Rwanda!

It was the experience of a lifetime!

If my Lowas could talk!!

- Sheila N.

Hawksbill Crag

Hawksbill Crag (Whitakers Point) in Arkansas.

- Gene K.