So much to walk together

Back in 1995, my father told me: "Son, at the mountain, you need to be prepared for everything. You don't need to be full-equipped with a bunch of expensive stuff that you will just carry up and down but you can easily do without. However, you shouldn't miss your way with your boots."

That summer, we were in the Alps. We went to a shop, and he bought me a good pair of boots (Tibet GTX Lowa boots). They have been worth every penny. We have walked together for years. Sometimes until my exhaustion. Sometimes until the end...

This summer, the polyurethane of my old friend said enough. I knew the day would come. It has happened with other boots and brands before. But, for this pair... it seemed somehow unfair. The course of time never changed their character: hard on the outside, comfy on the inside. So... no. Not yet. Not this time! I packed them and I will repair the inner sole.

This time it is me taking care of them. We still have so much to walk together.

* Pictures taken by me this November in the "Torres del Paine" National Park.

- Andreu G.


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