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In With The New...


I just wore out my first pair of Renegades! Sooo excited to have a new pair, especially since rainy season is here! (And really, I didn't think they looked too bad until I saw my new boots...)

 - Murphy B.

Salkantay Pass en route to Machu Picchu

I've had my Lowa boots for 6 years, and they have served me incredibly well.

They have gone on treks in the Rockies in Canada; the forests of Vermont, USA; the jungle in Borneo; cloud forests in Monteverde, Costa Rica; volunteering in Tanzania; the Scottish Cairngorms in the UK; exploring West Cork, Ireland; across deserts in Namibia; the Amazon in Ecuador and the Andes in Peru.

 I am about to head off to the Dolomites in Italy and will be using my boots in Iceland later this year. They have served me well through all these adventures and they continue to do so!

 PS. The picture is of me hiking through the Salkantay Pass en route to Machu Picchu in Peru!

- Louis

Where Will This Pair Take Me?

After several years of trying, I finally wore out my first pair of Lowa Boots.

Here's the before and after. Can't wait to see where this pair takes me. 

- Will M.

Roaming and Reviewing in South America


I am sending you the text for a review we did on our website of the Lowa boots that I have owned and worn to travel all around the world.

My wife and I run a website to promote outdoor tourism to South America. We are developing a page where we will review outdoor gear. I have owned and worn Lowa boots for the last 5 years while travelling the world including South America where I now reside in Ecuador.

I have worn them to travel and hike in over 21 countries and I can definitely say I have not been disappointed. They are still in great shape. Below is the original text for the review on our website. Please let me know if there is anyway we could help promote each others company.


Visit Evan's website by clicking here.

I originally bought my Lowa Hiking Boots 5 years ago while living in the United States. I was getting ready for my first big gig as a cameraman for an hunting television show filmed deep in the Rocky…

Thank you for your continued support...

Thank you for a great product and your continued support of Law Enforcement.

Jason D.
Waco, TX

55 Miles Along the PCT

At the end of our 55 mile Pacific Crest Trail section hike, including a Mt. Whitney summit excursion, from the back side.

My Lowa's handled the granite perfectly.

- Dan LaB.

Josie's Boots

Josie's boot arrived in the mail just before we left...

... on a 5 week, 11,203 mile, road trip to Alaska.

She was thrilled to wear her new green boots as we hiked in Denali National Park.

- Heidi

In the Pasayton Wilderness

Lowa Renegade LL on the trail. 
Third pair, all purchased at Sporthaus in Yakima.

My first pair went to Annapurna Nepal, second wore out in the Cascades.

This pair, with about 700 miles on them, are at the USA/Canadian boundary marker, Pasayton Wilderness, Armstrong Mt.

 The Lowa Renegade LL is the most comfortable boot I have ever owned. Great traction and they easily carry a 40# pack on trail or cross country. At the end of the day I am the only one not anxious to get out of my boots.

Thanks Lowa!

- Phil B.

Greenland Demands My Respect

Greenland is tough. Tough on your body, tough on your mind, tough on your equipment. Surviving is hard, thriving is even harder. Life is precarious, clinging on in a barren landscape of rock and ice.

Greenland demands your respect, your constant vigilance and isn't shy about reminding you who's boss. The thundering of rockfalls, the creaking of the ice cap, the crash of icebergs all give fair warning of the dangers barely held in check.

But Greenland rewards those who persevere. Unspoiled scenery of soaring mountains and majestic valleys. Graceful icebergs and rugged glaciers. Whales glide through the ocean, undisturbed by the freezing arctic temperatures, while eagles soar overhead.

There are no easy exits here. Your feet are your primary vehicle and your emergency route. Every day you face rock, scree, ice, snow and water in a never ending loop of ascents and descents. Your boots need to be as adaptable as you are.

My Lowa Caminos are the perfect companion here. Waterproof …

Warm and Dry, Despite the Weather


I'm a pilot of the Chilean Army, and I would like to tell you that during an exercise performed last week, despite the weather conditions, with 30 centimeters of snow, and 4 hours of walking, my Lowa Gore-tex boots remained 100% dry.

After this, many colleagues have chosen to buy the same boots and enjoy their performance and comfort. After this experience I will be faithful promoter of your brand !!

I will continue to enjoying working and flying in my Lowa boots.

- Nicolas T.

5600 Meter Peak

I am very crazy for trekking and mountaineering. But due to lack of funds, I was never able to do so.

Until now!

With friends, I summited this 5600 meter peak!

- Manzoor H.

A Trekker for Life!

I've been hiking and backpacking across the state of Arizona for the past 30+ years and have personally visited many of my native state's most beautiful locations.

For the past 5+ years, my Lowa Trekkers have been the means of getting me there.

In June 2016, I had the opportunity of leading a group of 35 youth and adults from my church congregation (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) to visit the breath-taking spectacular that is Havasu Canyon in Supai, AZ.

The canyon is inhabited by the Havasupai tribe (people of the blue-green waters) and features a set of 4 majestic waterfalls that people come from all over the world to visit.

Here I am in my Lowa Trekkers looking down on Havasu Falls before making the final descent for a refreshing swim in the gorgeous pools found in this desert oasis.

I hiked approximately 35 miles during the three days I was in the canyon and my Trekkers kept my feet cool, dry and blister-free the entire time. Thank you Lowa for making the…


I've been a real estate home inspector in the Austin, TX area for over 12 years.

One of the ingredients to my success is having Lowa boots as part of my equipment. The great thing about Lowa is that they never really wear out.

I've kept my Lowa's for years. The boots in the pics are for the past 5 years.

I have older ones but they couldn't fit in the pic. Thanks for making a great pair of boots.

- Randy B.

Wenatchee National Forest

I recently returned from a multi-day hiking trip to the Wenatchee National Forest.

SO AMAZING and my boots were fantastic!

In the last several months, I have been busy training for an upcoming adventure race in CA and I want to thank LOWA for helping to enable my athletic endeavors with the quality, comfort & style of such a great boot.

It's not always easy for me to find shoes that work with my leg device and I am so thankful to LOWA for helping to keep me on my feet - supported and happy!

- Beth S.

Rattlesnake Ridge

Finally had a chance to break in my Lowa boots...

... at Rattlesnake Ridge, Washington...

... on Memorial Day weekend!

- Kristen

Mount Nyiragongo Volcano

I had the unique opportunity to travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to hike the Mount Nyiragongo Volcano in Goma.

The two day, round-trip hike wasn't easy, with 1500m of elevation gain the first day, and the same amount of descent the next morning.

Exhausted as we were, the hike was spectacular, passing an extinct volcano on the ascent and spending the evening with United Nations scientists, watching a new cone erupt all night long, sending lava spewing down to the lava lake.

What has stayed with me the most however, is the Congolese people. Years of civil war and conflict have caused serious harm to the people and wildlife of the Congo, but the people we met were optimistic and happy.

The Congo is truly the heart of Africa.

- Chris T.

Davos and Ovronnaz

My Lowa Boots have been with the me, in the mountains of Switzerland, and have taken me through Davos and Ovronnaz.

Lovely walks in the snow.

- Rosan N.

Nevada Falls

We love Yosemite and on our last trip there, we hiked up Nevada Falls for the 2nd time... the weather was perfect and there were lots of water on the waterfalls, many thanks to El Nino.

This picture was taken at the top of Nevada Falls :-)

- Suwipin

First Hike in the USA!

My 30th birthday!

First hike in the USA!

Greetings from me and my pup, atop Mcafee Knob, Virginia.

- Maylia O.

Bucket list checked off!

Travel nurse working and playing in beautiful Moab, Utah!

Bucket list checked off!

- Pattie

Katahdin and an Engagement!

Knife's Edge on Katahdin is not a hike for the weak stomached.

I've hiked Knife's Edge twice in my Lowa Renegades and I wouldn't do it any other way. Here's to a third time.

I also got engaged on top of Mt Monadnock in my Renegades!

I haven't crossed them off the list for my wedding shoe. I'd know I'd be one of the most comfortable brides yet.

- Kristin D.

The Baduy Tribe

I took this picture when I made a trip to the Baduy tribe - one of indigenous tribes in Indonesia.

In Banten Province, Indonesia, there is a vibrant community, living a very simple life depending mainly on rice cultivation.

Baduy is a very closed society, without the influence of foreign cultures, known as Baduy Society or the Baduy's people.

Ethnically the Baduy belong to the Sundanese ethnic group. Their racial, physical and linguistic traits bear much resemblance to the rest of the Sundanese people; however, the difference is in their way of life.

Baduy people resist foreign influences and vigorously preserve their ancient way of life, while modern Sundanese are more open to foreign influences. The Baduy are divided into two sub-groups; the Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy), and the Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy).

No foreigners were allowed to meet the Inner Baduy, though the Outer Baduy do foster some limited contacts with the outside world. This is my visit with the Baduy tribe in my Lowa…

Best Day Ever

Last Christmas I took our family to our local mountains for a long weekend. We set out on a mission to build a snowman.

We were traversing a side hill to get to the perfect spot to build the man. A simple walk actually, but my wife was having a hard time walking. It was like she was drunk or something. she kept slipping and falling, becoming more and more wet. We were laughing so hard, when my daughter noticed her boots were coming apart.

Anyway we accomplished our mission. One of the best days ever.

- Kim B.

* Note from LOWA - sorry to hear that her boots were giving her trouble. Older boots, if not worn regularly, can sometimes experience sole separation. It's a lot like a bicycle that is stored in the garage for many years ~ unused, you quite often deal with tires going flat. If they are relatively new boots, please contact us: 

PS: Beautiful photo!

Happy, Healthy Feet

One of the things my wife and I enjoy the most is walking.

We walk to be as long as we can in the present and always hoping to arrive to a great future.

While planning our wedding we knew we would include as much hiking as we could so we decided to start the adventure climbing Kilimanjaro and then do a safari in Tanzania and Kenya.

Restrictions for amount of luggage were very strict with the african airlines so we decided we wanted to travel with only one pair of boots, so these had to be very good for the mountain where we would face snow, rain, and extreme heat, and very comfortable for the rest of the trip.

After a lot of research and trying many brands we both chose the Lowa Renegades and after 4 weeks of travel I can say we had happy and healthy feet, no matter what environment we were at.

It always felt like a reward walking in these boots.

- Jose de C.