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I Grew Up in my LOWAs

I remember 8 years ago - the phone call with my uncle from Switzerland.

He asked me what I would like to have as a gift from him.

My answer was: “Uncle I need a pair of boots!”

He sent me a pair of LOWA boots. They fit me perfectly. The most comfortable boots that I have ever had in my life. I have walked many kilometers with them, trekked, hiked and mountaineered in different places. I feel that I grew up in them.

- Bujar Q.

My Rangers were Shining

I hiked to the Vlassia Village at Hellas ~ 8 km of difficult track. My Lowa Ranger II's were shining.

- Aggelos

No Time for Break In

The first time I wore my pair of Lowa was this past deployment to Afghanistan when a solider in our battalion got hit, we got spun up.

I got them a day before and didn't get a chance the break them in so me climbing the mountains to react to the situation was the first time I put them on!

- Brandon S.

Trip of a Lifetime!

I had longed to go to Tibet for 30 years. This year I was able to visit Tibet and get to Everest Base Camp. The weather cooperated and the Himalayan Range was in full view for the 3 days that I was there. From the highway - overlook the view of Makalu, Lhotse, Everest and Cho Oyu was spectacular.

It was the trip of a lifetime!

- Wayne G.

10 Years for Snowshoeing

I purchased my Lowa boots over ten years ago to use for snowshoeing trips. They were perfect.

Warm. Waterproof. Insanely comfortable right out of the box. 
I logged hundreds of miles in them trekking through the snow in the Oregon cascades. As the years passed, I routinely grabbed my Lowa boots. Today, after trusted service, I use them to slog through the mud and muck during the long wet season here in Oregon.

While not as pretty and perhaps not as waterproof as they once were, my Lowa boots are still in great shape. I just laced them up with the third set of laces and I look forward to many more solid years with the absolute best pair of boots I've ever owned.

Thank you for making such an outstanding product. I remain a dedicated customer.

- Geoffrey P.

Jogging to the Clinic

Managing my type 2 diabetes requires regular exercise. My last jog was to my Diabetes physician to check in on my health.

Love my Lowa boots - they motivate me.

- Kevin N.

Beautiful Aspens

An autumn annual hike to the beautiful aspens in the San Francisco Peaks, near Flagstaff, Arizona.

- Joan S.

Mount Shasta

I took my pair of Lowa Weisshorn GTX® up Mount Shasta in October, and man was I impressed!

They kept my feet warm, dry and comfortable throughout the entire climb! Even with thinner socks, my feet never got cold.

I knew that I never had to worry about my feet because of the technology that goes into the boots Lowa makes, as well as what will work for climbers in different settings. Every mountaineering boot I buy during my climbing career will be Lowa!

- Maxx D.

Best Biking Shoes!

My best biking shoes through 3+ years of year round commuting and c:a 12000 miles. Firm and warm!

- Tove E.

Grand Tetons

At the end of October 2015, my wife Sara and I were able to hike around Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. The weather was perfect and unseasonably warm which allowed us great trekking.

- Tom M.

Tough Country

Extreme hunting in very tough country! Wouldn't want anything else on my feet through all of that! Big shout out to Lowa!

- Tucker

A Customer for Life.

The Lowa Renegade's have been my faithful boot on many adventures around the world.

These boots have braved the mountains of Ecaudor, Colorado, and the Adirondacks.

I've taken them on wilderness races, snowshoe and cross country ski trips, and many backpacking adventures.

I now work for REI in the footwear department and highly recommend this boot to customers. I'm a Lowa customer for life.

- Emily M.

Zach and Jack!

My dog Jack and I cover lots of territory in the hills where I live in New Zealand. The steep rock and tussock trails can deal out a lot of punishment...but my Renegades have shrugged it off. The most comfortable shoes I own....fact!

- Zach H.

National Geographic Doomsday Preppers

Going throughout my 4th pair of LOWA Boots ~ we wear overseas and in Colorado!

The best, they are comfortable, lightweight, great traction and actually waterproof!

Here they are rappelling on National Geographic's "Doomsday Preppers".

 - Alex D.

Bean Lake

This picture required me to leak all the heat retained inside this insulated Lowa. My other foot stayed warm throughout a 6 hour hike in 5°F!
First snow hike on the Superior Hiking trail turned into a mountaineering situation as the temperatures had dropped to 5°F, and the trail snow had turned into solid ice.

Skippin' and then sliding, I made a 400 ft ascent to the top of Twin lakes, Bean & Bear, to find Bean lake covered w/ a layer of ice. Surprisingly, the smaller Bear Lake had no ice at all, and looked like something from a backpacking magazine. Very beautiful!

Later, losing the trail turned into a night hike, as I made my way to Silver Bay, MN.

- Pavel M.