The most memorable hike so far...

From Quebec, Canada we drove all the way down for a trip in the USA. After few days of rain so the roads were closed, we could finally enter in the mythic Yosemite National Park in California.

After 1 month of camping in Oregon, the nice and warm weather has been very sweet to us. We wanted to do a good trail in the wilderness instead of doing all the trails that tourists do in the popular and crowded Yosemite Valley. The thing is, miles/km are not written on the maps for the wilderness so we calculated as our own the time and km, and the elevation gain to start as our campground Tamarack Flat to the summit of El Capitan. 8,4 miles so 16,8 miles round-trip...(26 KM) Ok ready!

We really did not know what this journey would be ! Secretly, something said to me.. oooh big deal. We leaved with 2 litres of water, our dog and some snacks as avocados and almonds. The temperature was very warm this day, maybe 25-28 Celsius. After 2 or 3 hours, we knew that it will be longer than we was thinking. In the map we had, we was seeing a river and we wanted to take the water in it at almost 3/4 of the trail but, this river was completely dried. It has been very thirty, steep, strenuous and mental but we did it! The view at the summit is absolutely beautiful, we can see the Half-Dome.

We were and we are still proud. We separated the trail in 4 parts to encourage us to get back. Rocky part, big trees forest part, rocky elevation gain and second forest part. We finally come back at the campground after 30 minutes of singing aloud in darkness, afraid by the bears!!! OH we slept well this night... So after that, we decided that we needed to equip us for longer hikes (days) as we can camp on the way. The most memorable hike (so far...)

Greetings from France,


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