John Muir Trail

This August I headed out with a couple friends on a trip of epic proportions.

We hiked the John Muir Trail. Most people take 3 weeks or more to hike the 221 miles, but we did the entire hike in 10 days.

My Lowa Renegades were comfortable as always, which is important when you're logging 26+ miles in a day. One of my friends suffered through what seemed like a new blister everyday. But with my Lowas, I didn't get a single one.

When you put in that many miles a day and then have to do it again the next day and the day after, your feet take a pounding, but my Lowas fit just as comfortablely as they did when I tried them on in the store. This photo is from the top of Glenn Pass on one of our longer days. On this day we had two passes to go over and about 25 miles of hiking. (Sorry for the gators covering the shoe.)

I've also included a panorama from the top of Glen Pass as well as a shot from the end of JMT on the summit of Mt. Whitney.

- Nathan M.


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