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Tamul's Waterfall

I'm a Scoutmaster working with a small Troop in Mexico City. While my Lowa boots have carried me throughout Mexico and Texas (where I work summers as a metalworking instructor at a Scout camp), I felt this trip to San Luis Potosi, where we explored waterfalls and leapt off most of them (the tallest being 12 metres, 39 feet) is the most noteworthy trip I have been on since purchasing these boots.

We visited Tamul's waterfall, which could only be reached by canoes. While we couldn't get too close to the 150 foot waterfall, there was a small cliff with a vertical drop where we jumped from into the water. I had trouble jumping from diving boards at pools my whole life, and here I was about to commit to a 12 metre drop into cloudy water. While I wasn't sure of letting the boys jump since I couldn't see the bottom, a group of 30 tour guides in training had just jumped. I must say, it was the longest 2 seconds of my life, and I couldn't wait for more.

The following d…

Caving in Puerto Rico

Caving -- Los Angeles cave in Puerto Rico, with Aventuras Tierra Adentro. The Rio Camry (larger river) sometimes overflows into the Los Angeles river and the water can rise one foot per minute! Giants caves!

These Lowa are 5 years old, have travelled to Yosemite, Red Rocks, Nevada, Joshua Tree, Gunks (some major mileage there) and the Alps.

 - Olivier

Packing in Montana

Packing a mule deer out in Montana. Walked almost 2 miles, in the snow, in my Lowa Tibet GTX.

- Richard T

The most memorable hike so far...

From Quebec, Canada we drove all the way down for a trip in the USA. After few days of rain so the roads were closed, we could finally enter in the mythic Yosemite National Park in California.

After 1 month of camping in Oregon, the nice and warm weather has been very sweet to us. We wanted to do a good trail in the wilderness instead of doing all the trails that tourists do in the popular and crowded Yosemite Valley. The thing is, miles/km are not written on the maps for the wilderness so we calculated as our own the time and km, and the elevation gain to start as our campground Tamarack Flat to the summit of El Capitan. 8,4 miles so 16,8 miles round-trip...(26 KM) Ok ready!

We really did not know what this journey would be ! Secretly, something said to me.. oooh big deal. We leaved with 2 litres of water, our dog and some snacks as avocados and almonds. The temperature was very warm this day, maybe 25-28 Celsius. After 2 or 3 hours, we knew that it will be longer than we was thinki…


Fantastic trip to the top of Kilimanjaro top in my Lowa Renegade boots! The photo is at basecamp at 4,085 meters.

I will never forget this great experience. And, my feet did very well with the great boots of Lowa. 

Greetings from Holland,

Steinernes Meer, Bavarian Alps

A photo of myself hiking in the Steinernes Meer, located in the Berchtesgaden Alps of Bavaria and Salzburg, Austria.

My family and I hiked from Austria to St. Bartholomä, Germany. Not only was it incredibly beautiful in the "Stone Sea" (well, guess I could say that for the whole hike really), it was fun to try and find the ammonite fossils along the trail.

 - Christopher W.

Camino de Santiago in my Renegades

In the spring of 2015 I set off from California to France to walk the classic route of the Camino de Santiago, crossing the Pyrenees from France's southern border to enter Spain and walk its width, heading for Santiago de Compostela and beyond.

I dead-ended at the sea in Finisterre. I set off in the only shoes I took with me--my new Lowa Renegades! Nothing but my own feet, in my Lowa's, carried me 560 miles.

Thank you, Lowa!! It was fabulous!

- Shelley C.

The Powell Plateau

I hiked half the day on Powell Plateau to get the most spectacular view of the Grand Canyon that very few people are able to see. Lowa Lady GTX. My absolute favorite boots.

- Carolyn L.

Second Skin

Finding comfortable hikers is like finding a unicorn for me.

My Lowa's have been like a second skin to me.

They have taken me everywhere from the Inca trail to the Torres Del Paine towers...

... and my first hike carrying my son.

- Addi P.

Walt & Roxy

Just ordered my first pair of Lowa boots (Tibet GTX). Hope to spend many hours in my 70s hiking in Alaska with my best friend Roxy, a pure bred Siberian Husky.

I was so lucky to find her a few years ago via Petfinder at a shelter in Washington and made a quick trip to Seattle to pick her up. She is our circle ambassador and makes every small kid she meets a member of her pack. She loves to sing and will even greet cats on occasion.

Research has convinced me your boots will contribute a perfect balance of traction, balance and comfort to our twice daily walks and I'm really looking forward to their arrival.

- Walt M.


We just returned from our family trip to Nepal, trekking to Annapurna Base Camp. My Lowa Renegades are my truly companions.

I wore them on 7 days trekking and ~ 120 km distance from Nayapul - to Annapurna Base Camp and back to  Nayapul. They kept my feet comfortable and I didn't get a single blister at all. We had heavy snow for 2 days trekking but my feet stayed dry. No need to bring extra shoes (or exchange socks) then. My Lowa Renegades are excellent. Love my shoe !

May S.

Mt. Orford, Québec

We went to the Mt. Orford, in Québec, Canada!

15 kilometers!!

Beautiful first snow!

- Arianne P

World Paragliding Cup

I was recently clicking World Paragliding Cup - 2015 at Bir, Billing, HP, India 23-31 Oct. 2015 and clicked that picture of paraglider with LOWA logo. Thought of sending it to you.

- Satya

 {Thanks, Satya!}

Mount Hood Timberline Trail

Early this fall, my brother Daniel and I decided to circumnavigate Mount Hood on the epic 40 mile Timberline Trail.

Circumstances required us to hike in with the first storm of the season bearing down on us and my brother wearing a new pair of Lowa Renegade GTX boots that hadn't seen their first mile.

Despite a 20 mile first day with a net 5k elevation gain/loss and a stormy and demanding second day with a climb into the washed out Eliot basin and a brutal climb up to Gnarl Ridge, his boots performed beautifully. Not a single blister, hotspot, or wet sock. It made me a Lowa believer - can't wait to get my first pair!

- David W.

Camelback Mountain

I bought my Lowa Renegades at REI in Phoenix AZ.

Tried on just about every boot and trail runner they had then took the first shoe I tried on, the Lowa. They felt instantly comfortable and supportive. They were so comfortable that I took my first hike in them up Camelback Mountain that same week, having never worn them outside walking at all.

As a novice hiker at this point, I was extremely impressed that the boots were as comfortable when I got back to the bottom of the mountain as they were when I started out. And they were so solid as far as gripping the various conditions of the trail and holding the rock faces that I had to climb.

I bought these to start training for hiking the AT next spring and I know these are my boots for the duration. They give me stability and confidence on the trail.

- Julie H.

Mt. Langley

My Lowa Renegades carried me up and down 7,500 vertical feet from the Owens Valley to the summit of Mt. Langley via the Northeast Couloir...without giving me a single blister.

The most comfortable boots I have ever owned!

- Adam L.

300 Miles Across Italy

My husband and I, both of which wear Lowa's hiking boots, in Sept/Oct. 2015 backpacked the Via di Francesco hiking 300 miles across Italy, from Dovadola to Rieti.

I am 74 and my husband is 77, it was a strenuous hike across the Apennines Mountains. Since 2012 we have backpacked over 1500 miles of Europe - France, Spain and Italy; all of it done in Lowa hiking boots.

- Monica A.


She's crying because Lowas don't come in her size...

- Dmitry

Ocampo, Coahuila, Mexico

I had to break my Lowa boots to go on a Dall sheep hunt in the Northwest Territories of Canada..

So, I hike one of the biggest canyons in our family ranch in the dessert of Ocampo Coahuila Mexico.

Here I am at the top!

- Joaquin A.

Little Rockies of Southern Utah

My twin sister drew a desert bighorn sheep tag in the "Little Rockies" of south central Utah. I was fortunate to go along and take photos.

I purchased my Lowa boots last Memorial Day and have used them all summer getting into shape for this beautiful red rock country. One of the biggest challenges was climbing slick rock--especially when it is steep and a fall could send one tumbling down a cliff.

These boots took me over 48 miles of backpacking in country few have been through with no trails to show the way. While searching for sheep, we found our water in hidden pot holes, discovered Moki Steps in a slot canyon, walked along plateaus littered with fragments of flint left by ancient peoples. And, finally, on the 11th day, my sister successfully harvested a ram.

- Leslie S.

Lowa has a new fan...

First hiking trip in Washington! Didn't get a chance to break in my new Renegades, walked 7 miles, didn't get a single blister! Lowa has a new fan.

- Elly M.

San Cristobal

Visited the tropical island of Puerto Rico and trekked around Old San Juan (the island's capital).

Here I am in front of the Spanish Fort San Cristobal. Went all over the city on my Lowa Boots and it was great. They were very comfortable.

Thank you Lowa for making such a good boot!! Love them!!

- Ramon C.

The Overlander

I am an overlander.

Everywhere I go I bring my Lowa boots.

In my pictures, you can see me in the Salt Flats in Salt Lake City, at the Guinness factory in Dublin...

...In a cave in New Mexico...

... and on my Raptor in Moab, Utah.

 - Vincent B

My Every Day Boots

I wear my Lowa Renegades all year around. Due to my physical disability, I am not able to hike mountains, but I wear my boots during my daily city shopping trips and visits.

Lowa boots firm construction is the best suited for my weak leg affected by childhood polio to prevent future falls. Plus, they are light enough so I can wear them for many hours without overusing my left leg atrophic muscles. Great that you make boots in red and purple colours, nice addition to darker colours!

Thanks, Lowa!

- Snezana

Chugach Forest

Hiking the Chugach Forest in my Lowa Baffin's.

- Brandon S.

18 years of faithful service and comfort..

I was entering my junior year of college, the year 1997 -- when I bought my Lowa boots as my all-purpose, year-around, move-back-to-Vermont footwear.

These boots have trekked the trails in Georgia, Tennessee, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine... they have served as winter footwear every year since 1997.

This morning I put my boots on to take a hike in Middlebury, VT with my husband and two girls only to discover that the heel has given out. They are finally retired, after 18 years of faithful service and comfort. I will miss them, I did today... my feet hurt tonight.

I will be hoping for some new Lowa boots under the tree is year. Thanks for making such a great product!

- Tracey D.

John Muir Trail

This August I headed out with a couple friends on a trip of epic proportions.

We hiked the John Muir Trail. Most people take 3 weeks or more to hike the 221 miles, but we did the entire hike in 10 days.

My Lowa Renegades were comfortable as always, which is important when you're logging 26+ miles in a day. One of my friends suffered through what seemed like a new blister everyday. But with my Lowas, I didn't get a single one.

When you put in that many miles a day and then have to do it again the next day and the day after, your feet take a pounding, but my Lowas fit just as comfortablely as they did when I tried them on in the store. This photo is from the top of Glenn Pass on one of our longer days. On this day we had two passes to go over and about 25 miles of hiking. (Sorry for the gators covering the shoe.)

I've also included a panorama from the top of Glen Pass as well as a shot from the end of JMT on the summit of Mt. Whitney.

- Nathan M.