October 21, 2015

My Dear Renegades...

My LOWA boots, my dear Renegades... they've been on several big hikes through the Canadian Rockies, Whites Mountains, Vermont, Central America, Quebec... you name it.

A year ago, somewhere up north in Guatemala, lost in the right direction, in the jungle, I took them on a 5 day trek to see the highest Mayan pyramid. In the middle of the rainy season.

I walked 18 km in deep mud, the first day. By deep mud, I mean way above the top of my boots. Thank God they're made of Gore-tex! It saved me from soaked socks!

Second day, another 20 km of walking. Third day, walk walk walk and finally!

I reached the highest maya pyramid.

The most beautiful sunset ever appeared. As well as the most amazing sunrise the morning after. On that trek, I felt like I was walking in my cozy slippers.

Thank you Lowa! You'll be with me on my attempt of the Appalachian Trail next year ! BEST BOOTS EVER.

- Jade T.

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