My Dear Renegades...

My LOWA boots, my dear Renegades... they've been on several big hikes through the Canadian Rockies, Whites Mountains, Vermont, Central America, Quebec... you name it.

A year ago, somewhere up north in Guatemala, lost in the right direction, in the jungle, I took them on a 5 day trek to see the highest Mayan pyramid. In the middle of the rainy season.

I walked 18 km in deep mud, the first day. By deep mud, I mean way above the top of my boots. Thank God they're made of Gore-tex! It saved me from soaked socks!

Second day, another 20 km of walking. Third day, walk walk walk and finally!

I reached the highest maya pyramid.

The most beautiful sunset ever appeared. As well as the most amazing sunrise the morning after. On that trek, I felt like I was walking in my cozy slippers.

Thank you Lowa! You'll be with me on my attempt of the Appalachian Trail next year ! BEST BOOTS EVER.

- Jade T.


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