Bishop Pass

This is my wife Sue (with her Lowa Renegade boots) about to descend from Bishop Pass (12,000 feet) in the Sierras to crystal-clear Dusy Lake.

We had the entire Lake to ourselves. The haze in the air was from one of several California wildfires raging at that time. The air smelled like a campfire and small flecks of ash coated our tent.

Although hiking temperatures were mostly in the 80's it dropped below freezing once the sun dipped behind the mountains. Condensation soaked everything within the tent making for a COLD night-- even though we wore everything we carried including insulated underwear, puff jackets, wool hats and gloves.

A super moon that evening chased away the darkness although we were too cold to enjoy it. The incredible silence was punctuated periodically by massive rockslides in the vicinity triggered by one of the first freeze-thaw cycles of the season.

- William J.


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