Best Investment

I bought a pair of Lowa Sheep Hunter boots - the Hunter GTX® - in 2008. I hunt at least 20 days a year pursuing Elk during the archery season in the mountains of southeast Idaho.

I spend at least another 30 days hiking the mountains the rest of the year. My Lowa boots are always on my feet when I'm in the mountains.

After eight years and over 3000 miles my boots feel as good as the day I bought them.

 Every time I talk to other hunters and hikers about boots I always recommend Lowa. I tell them they are worth the extra money because they last and are more comfortable than your favorite pair of sneakers.

Some day I'll have to replace these boots and there's no doubt it will be with another pair of Lowa's. By far these boots are the best investment I ever made in hunting gear. Boots are one thing you don't go cheap on. In my opinion quality boots are the most important thing you can spend your money on if you spend any time on the trails.

- Randy M.


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