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Haunted Lake, North Yorkshire

Walked in my trusted Lowa Renegade boots in North Yorkshire. Came across a lake which a local told me was haunted.

The story goes that a village was once there and a traveller came, the villagers refused to give him shelter so he put a curse on the village and it flooded.

When I passed the lake, in icy wind began to blow and I swear I could hear voices! There was nobody else about so my trusted Lowa went into warp speed... but not before I took this picture.

- Lars G.

Training Day

Training day, 4th of October, 2016

Predators AirsoftTeam, Istanbul, Turkey ~ in LOWA Zephyrs.

- Anil U.

Many Amazing Places

It has come time to say goodbye to my first pair of Lowa boots. I knew sooner or later this day would come, but looking back at all the good times I had in these boots it makes for a difficult goodbye.

It was early spring of 2005 and I was getting ready to head over to Europe for two months of backpacking with my best friend. Knowing I would need a pair of boots that would hold up and look good enough not get me kicked out of a nice restaurant I began my search. Surprisingly it took awhile to find all of the above along with fitting my feet.

Finally I stumbled across some Lowa Renegade II GTX Mid boots. Not only did they meet my criteria, but they were also not made in some Chinese sweatshop. After four months backpacking around Europe on three separate trips (‘05,‘06,'07), many hikes in my home state (Utah) and relegating these boots to my mountain biking mud boots... I must finally let them go.

I saw many amazing places in these boots - stood in the footsteps of brave soldi…

Lone Mountain

Me in my beloved Baffins atop Lone Mountain. This my favorite go-to peak near my home in Maricopa County, Arizona, near the Salt River.

The design of these boots, and the leather lining, keep my feet cooler than any of my other boots during the brutal heat of summer.

It's nice to be able to trust your footing in some of the most rugged terrain out there.

- Candice H.

Backpacking in Beautiful CA

Fantastic backpacking trip in beautiful California.

This trip was to Cliff Lake but I've been to Mammoth for a 50 mile backpacking trip in these Lowa boots.

- Lyle Q.

Best Investment

I bought a pair of Lowa Sheep Hunter boots - the Hunter GTX® - in 2008. I hunt at least 20 days a year pursuing Elk during the archery season in the mountains of southeast Idaho.

I spend at least another 30 days hiking the mountains the rest of the year. My Lowa boots are always on my feet when I'm in the mountains.

After eight years and over 3000 miles my boots feel as good as the day I bought them.

 Every time I talk to other hunters and hikers about boots I always recommend Lowa. I tell them they are worth the extra money because they last and are more comfortable than your favorite pair of sneakers.

Some day I'll have to replace these boots and there's no doubt it will be with another pair of Lowa's. By far these boots are the best investment I ever made in hunting gear. Boots are one thing you don't go cheap on. In my opinion quality boots are the most important thing you can spend your money on if you spend any time on the trails.

- Randy M.

Opens Up the World to Me

My LOWAs always get me to the ridge lines -- that open the world up to me!

- Jason H.

Mt. Adams New Hampshire

Mt Adams, NH in the White Moutains.

Damn knee, but i made it through with my Lowas !!!

 Thank you ! Forever my favorite boots.

- Jade T.

My Dear Renegades...

My LOWA boots, my dear Renegades... they've been on several big hikes through the Canadian Rockies, Whites Mountains, Vermont, Central America, Quebec... you name it.

A year ago, somewhere up north in Guatemala, lost in the right direction, in the jungle, I took them on a 5 day trek to see the highest Mayan pyramid. In the middle of the rainy season.

I walked 18 km in deep mud, the first day. By deep mud, I mean way above the top of my boots. Thank God they're made of Gore-tex! It saved me from soaked socks!

Second day, another 20 km of walking. Third day, walk walk walk and finally!

I reached the highest maya pyramid.

The most beautiful sunset ever appeared. As well as the most amazing sunrise the morning after. On that trek, I felt like I was walking in my cozy slippers.

Thank you Lowa! You'll be with me on my attempt of the Appalachian Trail next year ! BEST BOOTS EVER.

- Jade T.

A Family of LOWAs

Last holiday Santa brought the whole family Lowa boots!

My wife and I got pairs of the Tibet. We did a holiday hike immediately to get some dirt on 'em, and have since put many miles under the tread.

The kids got the GTX for 9 and 5. Our daughter Luna came along in February, after hiking with us in womb for many miles.

This August we hit the Rushmore Natl Forest, and all the neighboring parks. The kids set and reset many records, including longest hike in a day (5, then 8+ miles with packs), highest climbs (Ol Baldy, then Harney Peak), went caving with sure feet, and hiked between rock climbing areas galore!

We had dry feet, zero blisters, and were complimented on the family endeavor constantly. The boys explored all over while we took care of our 6mo old daughter, and ended up climbing another mountain, shredding straight up some class 4 just behind the national memorial with me, while mom and Luna rested.

We returned home exhausted with two new Junior Rangers who had tons of st…

Enchanted Rock

After nearly a four hour drive we turned the corner and out of the mesquite thicket arose a giant red mound.

It wasn't quite a mountain in the general sense but the red granite outcropping was visible from 9 miles out.

Our anticipation grew as did Enchanted Rock the nearer we got. Our pack was only half filled essentials and my spirit packed full of excitement and we hiked straight to the summit.

My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the sun as we studied the flora and fauna of Central Texas. Now we are engaged to be wed and will most definitely engage in many more journeys for years to come!

- Matt B.

Mt. Sneffels

Mt. Sneffels is the monarch of the northern San Juans standing proud over Dallas Divide and the towns of Montrose and Ridgway.

The north face also happens to be home to several prominent Colorado alpine routes, such as the Snake Couloir and the North Buttress.

Lesser known of these is the North Central Couloir, which branches left from the base of the Snake couloir. I've done the other classics on this face and love finding new less traveled lines, so when I noticed the North Central Couloir for the first time when I was climbing the North Buttress, I knew it needed to be done.

With fresh October snow and hopes of new ice, I headed up to Mt Sneffels. I thought going into the climb that the route may take 1-2 pitches of roped ice climbing high up, but was quickly surprised to find the ice started from the base of the couloir.

I have been climbing in Lowa Mountain Experts over the last year and they have held up to every test I have put them through. On the North Central Couloir, m…

Aissa's Trekkers

Hi, I am Aissa and I am 19 let me tell you my story.

I live close to a forest and I do a lot of walking and running. Since 3 years I have a LOWA Trekker and it's really reliable.

I mean I don't get wet, nor cold, and I can walk comfortably for miles of hard roads. Also my brother and my father have Lowa boots.

And we like them, so thank you, Lowa, for the good work.

- Aissa


I am a retired federal government employee and a veteran traveler. The latest travel was to Italy and Switzerland last month. My Renegade Lowa (low) shoes have provided me confidence and comfort both in urban settings (running to catch trains, etc) and while hiking.

Thank you Lowa for the comfort and quality of your remarkable footwear!

 - Luis R.

Bishop Pass

This is my wife Sue (with her Lowa Renegade boots) about to descend from Bishop Pass (12,000 feet) in the Sierras to crystal-clear Dusy Lake.

We had the entire Lake to ourselves. The haze in the air was from one of several California wildfires raging at that time. The air smelled like a campfire and small flecks of ash coated our tent.

Although hiking temperatures were mostly in the 80's it dropped below freezing once the sun dipped behind the mountains. Condensation soaked everything within the tent making for a COLD night-- even though we wore everything we carried including insulated underwear, puff jackets, wool hats and gloves.

A super moon that evening chased away the darkness although we were too cold to enjoy it. The incredible silence was punctuated periodically by massive rockslides in the vicinity triggered by one of the first freeze-thaw cycles of the season.

- William J.

All Good Things Come to an End.

I had these stripped and waterproofed twice, resealed the soles, and even tried superglue.

But all good things must come to an end - after 16 years - the best boots I've ever owned!

- Jeff L.

The Catskills

For 20 years, Rip Van Winkle famously slept in the New York Catskills mountains; his exhaustion is easy to believe with the boulder hopping, scrambling, and rugged ascents over the roots and rocks that are so well-known in East Coast hiking.

Luckily, the LOWA Renegades can handle it all, and more.

It's wonderful to kick off your boots at the end of the day, ankles intact, and feet dry and warm.

- Manda F.

Uncompahgre Peak

My husband and I love to hike. We try to get out to hike every day and do a challenging hike once a week.

Some of the hikes we do are less traveled and sometimes this makes it difficult to find the trail.

In the last few weeks, we've tackled San Sophia Ridgeline near Mount Emma, Richmond Pass, SPIRIT Gulch and the well known 14er Uncompahgre Peak.

- Suzan P.