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Obama in his LOWA Tempests

This is not my story but certainly a good one for your brand! Have a look at this official White House photo and zoom in on the boots (of course.)

- Fernando M.

John Muir Trail

My Renegades saved me every single day on the John Muir Trail. I found myself thanking my boots frequently.

From slips and missteps to rolled ankles or worse, they protected me and felt great all 200+ miles. Here's a shot of my Renegades resting on top of a pass on the JMT.

- Dan B.

Mountains, Craters and Boot-Sucking Mud...

My boots have been with me to the tops of mountains, to the edge of a meteor crater, covered in shoe sucking Utah mud, hiked Yosemite Valley trails, explored museums of Washington DC and have hundreds if not thousands of miles through general daily use. They’ve even held bear spray and water bottles on occasion.

In the last 4 years, my Lowa Renegade’s have been all over.  Four 14’ers are my biggest claim to fame but they’ve also been worn daily for most of that time.

 While hiking just a few weeks ago in Colorado on a quest to summit Mt. Belford and Mt. Oxford (no small feat for a “clydesdale” coming from sea level), I scouted a possible campsite at just under 12,000 feet.

When I got back to camp I realized I somehow blew a hole straight through one of the boots. I wasn’t about to head into town and find a replacement so quickly and decided these two mountains would become the crowning jewel/s for this pair. Two days later I completed those 14’er summits in one push leaving the tra…