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6 - 10 Miles Per Day!

I broke my foot last year.

And, I need to wear the best boots to support my foot properly.

I wear Lowa boots. I will be buying another pair of Lowa trail shoes soon for my job as a pet sitter... I walk 6-10 miles a day!

- Clare M.

Hutch's Pool

We took five of our kids ~ ranging in age from 9-16 ~ on a 3 day backpacking trip in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona.

Hung out at Hutch's Pool and did part of the AZT. Had a fantastic time. Pictured is a shot overlooking Hutch's Pool in my favorite Lowa boots ever!

- Cat J.

Warm, Comfortable and Light

I love my Lowa boots. They are warm, comfortable and light. I go every where with them ~ even to work ~ I am a network specialist. My son also loves wearing lowa boots. :)

- William M.

Remote Alpine Caves

I love my Lowas. They are the most comfortable heavy duty boot I've ever had. I use them for backpacking to remote alpine caves, and then wear the boots into the cave.

Alpine caves are notorious for shredding gear, but my Lowas have been holding up well. This photo is from a few years ago, when we were trying to enter a cave through a very tight entrance. I made it through. My Lowas were the last part of me shimmying through the crack.

 - David W.

Me and Moona

I walk dogs and train them on a daily basis. Here is a picture of me and Moona after training. Notice I am wearing my Lowas. I love the fit and the stability I get from my low hikers. Lowas are my choice for a hiking shoe whether I'm working or out in the woods. Thank you, Lowa.

- Lenny L.