Outlasted any boot I've ever owned

I have owned my pair of Lowa's for 12 years.

My Mother bought them for me to use on my first camp out as a Boy Scout. She bought them way too big, that way I could "grow into them" without needing a new pair.

Let me tell you, they made it all the way through my Eagle Scout ceremony and then six more years. I hiked hundreds of miles in these boots. They came with me to Camp Constantine in 112 degree weather, hiking in the Texas "mountains." My Lowa's were with me hiking in the Rocky Mountains during a camp out, with snow up to my knees.

I took them with me white water rafting in Arkansas, not a smart choice when hiking afterwards, but what did I know? I was 16. They came with me, every time I hit the dirt bike track, or working for a steel company when I got older.

They stood on a volcano in Guatemala during a Scout project, I literally watched my soles smoke, and then hiked back down the volcano in them. They finally gave up the ghost almost exactly 12 years later. This Winter of 2014, I wore them to a horse ranch to take care of some horses. For the first time, since the water rafting, my feet were wet. The soles are hanging by a thread but I kept them for the sentimental value. Those boots took good care of me and outlasted any boot I have EVER owned.

- Sky


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