14 Years of Loyal Service

Nothing too exciting, just a thanks.

I bought my boots in 2001 for a long hike. As a student at the time, they were the most expensive clothing purchase I ever had made and I treasured them. Since then, they have section hiked 150 miles of the AT, gone up and down Mt. Washington (twice), and generally endured each of the 4 seasons hiking, up and down the east coast.

They have been my preferred walking shoes on trips to Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, through cities, deserts, and rainforests. They have visited 43 U.S. States. They have seen Wonders of the World.

Almost every photo of me on vacation (other than the beach, let's not get too crazy) shows me in my Lowas.

Recently in older age they have semi-retired, serving as my preferred snow boots to shovel and play with my kids, with an occasional trek to the Shenandoahs. The sole was worn, the seams pulled a little, but they still worked. Today, in our first snowfall of the winter, I put on my old friends and sadly noticed that the heel had gone out.

Thank you for 14 years of loyal service. I think I got my money's worth. Time for a new pair.

~ Jeff S.

Where have YOU been in YOUR Lowa boots? Got a story?
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