11 Years

I purchased my first pair of Lowa boots in 2003 and started breaking them in. It did not take long to realize that I loved them.

For these past 11 years I have used my boots as snow boots, hiking boots, weed-eating boots, chainsaw boots and gardening boots. Basically these boots have done everything with me.

The care that I have given them consists of treating them with bees wax to help maintain a waterproof seal and making sure that they are clean at the end of the day. That's all they needed to last years and years. The laces have never been replaced because the metal lace holders don't bite into the lace and that is amazing.

Sadly I have to say that after 11 years of hard use I have started to wear the sole off the boots. The rubber sole is still in surprising good shape but the glue that holds things together is coming apart. The leather is so strong that it took a long while to break the boots in but that strong leather is what has made the boots last this long.

Thank you Lowa for an amazing boot. I will miss these terribly.

Seth J.

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