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About 10-11 years ago, while traveling in central Florida, I had stopped by a small sporting goods and shoe outlet because they had a going out of business sign. On the shelf I found a pair of hiking boots with the name Lowa that I had never heard of. I was surprised how light weight they were and the price was 75% off, since it was a discontinued shoe. I tried my luck and much to my amazement, these boots lasted me seven years. I have wide feet and will ruin most shoes within 18 months, but this brand I never heard of, that fit like a glove, just never seemed to wear out.

Having moved to rural and rugged Tennessee, I once again set out to find another pair of Lowa hiking boots, but since I seldom get to larger metro areas and none of my local shoe stores carried them, I was forced to wait.

Christmas arrived this year and my sister, who has both a limited budget and knows how much I loved my first pair, found a pair of Renegades at a local sporting goods store that were my size and in a wide width. She took a chance, and I ended up with what might be the finest pair of footwear I’ve ever owned.

I am an amateur photographer and casual sport hiker that spends a lot of time trying to get the perfect picture. So I decided to break my new Lowa boots in during a short 10 mile hike in the Big South Fork National Forest, on one of the most difficult trails they have to offer. While a light cover of ice clung to the rocks, and the creeks and rivers ran swift with recent rains, the difficult trail along the Honey Creek gorge became a magical day of photography and easy hiking. Crossing creeks, traversing boulder fields and steep trails, my boots never once slipped or lost grip. I was and am amazed at how I was able to walk across waterfalls of rushing water over slippery moss covered rocks to get some of the first shots of the 2014 year, and they felt as though I broke them in a year ago.

To those who have owned Lowa boots and shoes, this is nothing new, but to anyone who has never owned a pair, stop now and get a pair. They fit like a glove, are built like a tank, and weigh nothing compared to most others.

There is simply no other shoe made that compares, and anyone, no matter your level of fitness, durability requirement, will come to love how comfortable and well made Lowa footwear is. You will likely end up like myself, a person who will buy no other brand of hiking shoe as long as I live. They are just that amazing.

- Preston P.

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