His and Hers: A story in several states and countries

After a wonderful honeymoon hike in the Scottish Highlands, I found myself with wet and cold feet – not from the new marriage but from my porous and leaking hiking boots. I found a reliable partner in life and now I needed to find just as reliable a pair of hiking boots.

Instead of accepting a replacement pair from the leaky company, I traveled to the gear store and began my hunt. I found there to be many fish in the hiking boot sea; but much like my recent union only one was meant to be truly mine: Renegade GTX.

Our first big hike since the honeymoon found us climbing Mt. Marcy, the high peak of the state of New York.

My wife had on some fine looking new boots, while I wore my old reliable boots, thinking they would be just that. We ran into a trail worker who informed us it had been raining for several days and conditions were far less than dry. One big stream crossing left my left foot drenched. I wrung out my sock on the other side as I watched my wife dance across the raging stream, her new footwear shedding water.

Her feet were dry and unscathed by moisture. We finished the hike and the only thing that hurt were my knees. My feet were ready for another summit if it wasn’t for my husband’s malfunctioning footwear.

That night in the tent, I boasted of warm, dry feet while my husband just groaned and rolled over in his sleeping bag. I needed to remedy my footwear inadequacy and my wife’s glowing testimony led me to bring home our family’s second pair of Renegades.

So begins the true story of how these boots have gotten both of us comfortably and reliably around the states and around the world: Northeast high points, local hikes, and beyond.

We didn’t know where our boots would take us, but we’ve enjoyed every minute.

This past summer we found ourselves fortunate enough to be back in Europe. The hundred and ten mile Tour de Mont Blanc proved no challenge for our trusty companions, but sadly the last chapter was to be written too soon.

Revisiting where it all started, we did a series of Munros in the Cairngorms of the Scottish Highlands. The horizontal rain, sleet and bogs left them down but not out. After our final hike in the Highlands they were saturated and musty.

While we knew they could have been salvaged, having an early flight out of Inverness the next morning got us thinking. What better place to retire our most reliable friends than the place where it all began? And so with every end is a new beginning….

~ Doug & Angie

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