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Have had my Lowa Renegades since about 2009. To the best of my knowledge, these Renegade boots have hiked at least 3000 km, thru snow, mud, wet mud, rocks, and mud and are still in a reasonable condition. This picture attached is in Chamonix, France 2013 paragliding off a 2,800 meter mountain.

They have done the ADK 46, the Presidential range in NH, Sequoia National Park, Yosomite, Santa Monica, CA. Then, last summer to Chamonix, France, Monte Carlo, Nice, and back to home to hike Zion's National Park and Bryce Canyon a few weeks ago.

Two years ago I bought a new pair of Lowa Camino, which are great. However, the Renegade boots are so light, comfortable, and enjoyable, I keep using them. I know they look pretty bad now, but they still hold up! I plan to buy another pair of Renegades this summer.

- David H.

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I traveled to Europe with a friend who recommended I purchase a pair of Lowa boots before the trip. I tried them on in the store, wore them back to work, and have worn them almost every day for the past 18 months. This photo is me hiking through the Alps near Berchesgarten.

- Jeff W.

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Coast to Coast Walk in England

I walked the Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk in England, from the Irish Sea to the North Sea.  My Lowa's were a lifesaver!  We were never deterred by rain, rocks, or long days.  Thank you for the boots that made the trip possible.

- Brian G.

Where have YOU been in YOUR Lowa boots? Got a story? We'd like to publish it. Click HERE to send us stories, pics and videos!

Amazingly Comfortable as Always

During my battle with cancer my husband took me to REI. They had a pair of LOWA boots in my size on the clearance rack. $68.00

I tried them on and for the first time in years was able to walk more then a few steps without my cane. I have cleaned and used scotch guard on them every fall and December They are wearing thin on the sole but still look really good and are amazingly comfortable as always..

I have day hiked most of the trails in my area in them, kayaked in summer, sledding in the winter. They are just the best boot.

As a board member of the Pacific Northwest Trail and a trail angel I have shared my story with others and even took a hiker into Spokane to find new boots. She bought a pair of Lowas similar to mine.

Thank you for your product.

Mary, Owner Operator, Boundary Tours

- Preston P.

Where have YOU been in YOUR Lowa boots? Got a story? We'd like to publish it. Click HERE to send us stories, pics and videos!

His and Hers: A story in several states and countries

After a wonderful honeymoon hike in the Scottish Highlands, I found myself with wet and cold feet – not from the new marriage but from my porous and leaking hiking boots. I found a reliable partner in life and now I needed to find just as reliable a pair of hiking boots.

Instead of accepting a replacement pair from the leaky company, I traveled to the gear store and began my hunt. I found there to be many fish in the hiking boot sea; but much like my recent union only one was meant to be truly mine: Renegade GTX.

Our first big hike since the honeymoon found us climbing Mt. Marcy, the high peak of the state of New York.

My wife had on some fine looking new boots, while I wore my old reliable boots, thinking they would be just that. We ran into a trail worker who informed us it had been raining for several days and conditions were far less than dry. One big stream crossing left my left foot drenched. I wrung out my sock on the other side as I watched my wife dance across the raging s…

Just Amazing

About 10-11 years ago, while traveling in central Florida, I had stopped by a small sporting goods and shoe outlet because they had a going out of business sign. On the shelf I found a pair of hiking boots with the name Lowa that I had never heard of. I was surprised how light weight they were and the price was 75% off, since it was a discontinued shoe. I tried my luck and much to my amazement, these boots lasted me seven years. I have wide feet and will ruin most shoes within 18 months, but this brand I never heard of, that fit like a glove, just never seemed to wear out.

Having moved to rural and rugged Tennessee, I once again set out to find another pair of Lowa hiking boots, but since I seldom get to larger metro areas and none of my local shoe stores carried them, I was forced to wait.

Christmas arrived this year and my sister, who has both a limited budget and knows how much I loved my first pair, found a pair of Renegades at a local sporting goods store that were my size a…

Yogi Pose!

My Zephyr Desert Mids helped transport me to the top of New Mexico!

After ascending endless switchbacks, I finally stood atop Wheeler Peak in Taos, New Mexico, topping out just over 13,000 feet. The Zephs kept my feet so cool and light that once on top I celebrated with a little dancing yogi pose!

Denali: Under the Midnight Sun

The two of us made an early season climb on the West Buttress of Denali when daytime highs were still struggling to get above -30 Celsius.

In the less sunny hours we were seeing much cooler temps than that. But (with a little diligent attention to moisture management) the cold was a challenge our feet never had to deal with. From day one, all the way through a ten day shut-down blizzard at over 17,000 feet, and on to the summit, our toes stayed cozy.

We saw three other people on the mountain wearing the same LOWA Expedition boots. Two Germans and an American-sounding guy who all shared with us how happy they were to have warm feet. 

Aside from all the warmth and comfort we were impressed with the fit and resultant handling properties of the boots. The solid crampon connection gave us confidence while traversing exposed patches of boiler plate high mountain ice.

On the way down we tightened the inner straps, snapped into our mountaineering skis, and enjoyed a blissful descent, just the…

Riverview Climbers

My father purchased my first pair Lowa boots from Uncle Eyeballs Mountain Emporium, in 1976.

That year I became an Eagle Scout. I went to the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico and climbed Mount Baldy, a 12,000 feet peak in my Lowa Davos. Later when I graduated from Penn State University and began to climb ice, I purchased a pair of Lowa Alspitz. Since then I have gone thru a pair of Renegade GTX's and have purchased Lowa Civetta plastic boots for our climbing school.

All of us at the Riverview Outdoor Adventure Climbing School love Lowa boots. I hope you continue to craft quality footwear for years to come.

Barry R. Riverview Outdoor Adventures Climbing School
Certified PCGI Single Pitch Guide Certified
AMGA Top Rope Site Manager

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