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Thanks for helping this 16-year-old...

Dear Lowa,
This past January I dedicated fifteen days of my life to an ascent of Aconcagua down in Argentina.

Not only is this fifteen days of straight climbing and carrying loads, but its fifteen straight days of relying on your gear.

For those who do not know, Aconcagua is a 22,841 foot high peak, the highest in the world outside of Asia.

Aconcagua is not only a mountain of sheer size and magnitude but of difficulty and perseverance.

Lowa was very generous and outfitted me with a pair of Triolet GTX Lo's for the approach to base camp (14,440 ft).

As well as a pair of Expedition 6000 GTX for the rest of the ascent.

I can honestly tell you that without a comfortable, warm, and durable boot; there is no hope for success on high altitude peaks such as Aconcagua.

Which brings me to the reason behind this short novel, Lowa has mastered the art of the perfect boot. Both boots went above and beyond my (already high) expectations. I am usually one who suffers from cold feet on mountains …