An Unplanned Encounter

I just returned from a rain-drenched elk hunt in Colorado in which I witnessed many boots fail, except for my Lowas that I picked up along the way.

As I was preparing for this trip in the weeks before, I did a lot of research on boots, and saw tons of great reviews for Lowa, but none of my local stores carried the brand so I hesitated buying without trying them first. Thus, I tried some other brands, and none fit quite right so I opted to stay with my tried and proven hunting boots.

Come to find out, those boots were a little too tried and proven, and leaked on the very first day. We tried for two nights to dry them out to no avail, so off to town I went with my wet and blistered feet. At the 4th store I visited in Durango, they brought out a pair a size larger than I normally wear in the Zephyr GTX model.

I am not sure if it was the fact that I was finally wearing something dry after 2 plus days, but it was like euphoria. With precious time from my hunting trip ticking away there was no time for breaking them in, so it was straight to the torrents of rain in the hills for me.

Over the next 3 days, and close to 30 miles, of steep mud bogged trails, rivers crossings, downed timber, soaked grassy meadows, my feet could not have been happier. Especially as I watched the likes of my hunting partners wearing other brands of boots come up short at the end of the day as their boots succumbed to the punishment of the elements that we dealt them.

But not my Lowas. Dry, stable, and making me forget that I even had the blisters produced from my busted boots. Although it was not a planned first encounter with Lowa, it was a great experience, and the next time I purchase I can guarantee it will be Lowa for me.

~ Craig R.

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