4 Weeks in Norway

On July 16th, my husband and I went on a 4 1/2 week trip to Norway. I was very interested in getting a pair of hiking boots because I knew that I would be doing a lot of hiking. I bought the boots l week before we went on the trip. I was a little bit nervous about buying the boots because it usually takes me a long time to break in shoes.

I wore them around the house for one day and decided to take a leap of faith and take them for a real hike. The hike was for several miles with uphill elevation. I was prepared for my feet to be in agony. To my delight, I felt nothing but goodness in my feet after completing the hike.

I confidently brought the boots to Norway with no problem! This was unheard for me. I am now looking to buy another pair 2 months after buying the first pair. I LOVE THEM! THANK YOU!

~ Gail L.

Where have YOU been in YOUR Lowa boots? Got a story?
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