THE LIST: Things I have done in my Lowa Tibets...

Things I have done in my Lowa Tibet Pro GTX's: 

  1. Gone hunting (deer, pheasant, quail, dove, duck, geese, snipe, rabbit, and squirrel.)
  2. Done research (completed my M.S. in Natural Resource Ecology and Management in them.)
  3. Rescued stranded marine mammals on stranding response teams on Atlantic and Pacific coasts.
  4. Helped hatchling sea turtles to the ocean after hatching.
  5. Danced.
  6. Worked around the yard and house.
  7. Conducted necropsies on various species.
  8. Picked up girls.
  9. Gone on long range back-country hikes.
  10. Got caught in barbwire.
  11. Chewed on by a dog. (x2)
  12. Been shot 3x as a hunting guide.
  13. Relaxed around the house.
  14. Almost gotten them "broken in just right." 

Things I have not done in my Lowa Tibets:

  1. Gotten a blister.
  2. Gotten them fully "broken in just right." 

What they've got to show for it: 

  1. A bit of wear on the uppers after exposure to salt water. 
  2. 1 scuff from the barbwire. 
  3. Dust from today's adventures. :)
~ Lee H.

Where have YOU been in YOUR Lowa boots? Got a story?
We'd like to publish it.

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