Landslides, Avalanche AND a Yak Attack!

It's not until you go backpacking that you realize that your feet are your most prized possession in the world.

It doesn't matter if you're missing a tent pole, have leaky rain gear or lost some rations to squirrels, if you're feet are hurtin' you're not going anywhere.

I am a 19 year old college student who had the amazing opportunity to go on a six week long research expedition studying wildlife management and environmental science in the Himalayas of Nepal this spring.

My friend, Kerri, (pictured) and I both arrived with packs in hand and Lowas on our feet.

After 154 miles of trekking, several landslides, two avalanches, summiting both South and North base camp of Mt. Kangchenjunga (28,170'), and one attack by a yak later, she and I were whole heartedly in love with our boots.

In my four weeks of hiking in the steepest mountain range in the world, I not once got a single blister or even a hot spot! My feet stayed dry in river crossings, and they worked like a charm when I had to sprint for my life away from that Yak. I am in love with how comfortable and supportive these boots are, and nothing beats a blister free trip.

It's the first time I've tried a Lowa, and I'm never going back! *This picture was taken by Ryan H. with Kerri on the left and myself on the right. We reached Pangpema - North Base camp (16,502') after a 10 mile hike from our base camp. The very tip of the world's third tallest mountain can be seen poking above the clouds behind us.

Keep making great boots,
Sarah Jean M.

Where have YOU been in YOUR Lowa boots? Got a story?
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