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The Last Minute Boot Purchase.

I was asked to volunteer my time as an adult leader on a Boy Scout backpacking trip for our local church affiliated Boy Scout troop. My son and several other boys had planned a 3-day backpacking trip to the Lost Creek Wilderness area in Colorado. One of the adult leaders had an emergency family situation arise and last minute could not go putting the whole trip on the chopping block.

Since my line of work allows me freedom with my schedule and knowing how much these boys were excited about going on this trip I made some quick arrangements and cleared up my schedule. My only problem was my boots I usually wear for backpacking were more geared for mountaineering and the last time I went backpacking in them I was plagued with multiple blisters.

I concluded that I did not want to wear those heavy leather boots this time around and worry about constantly treating my feet for blisters or hot spots during the trip.

I went to a local REI store looking for a lightweight hiking boot that would…

These Shoes Were Made for Walking

These shoes were made for walking, and that's just what they've done – virtually everyday for more than two years. In the office. On the streets. On the trail. Hiking. Running. Mountain biking. Flying halfway round the world.

And my feet have never been happier.

Shoes and boots are an intensely personal platform they contribute mightily to our daily comfort – or discomfort. Finding a perfect pair that fits just right, feels comfortable from the first time you try them on until you wear them out – that's rare.

If I ever had a more comfortable pair over the past 60 years, I can't remember them. These LOWA Ventos? I'll remember these. I just hope LOWA is still making them because in a few more years they just might wear out.

 - Ron Spomer

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