Tiger Sightings

This had to be one of the best safari mornings I have ever experienced and I am so glad to have shared it with my fiancee and traveling companion, Kat.

We started the morning earlier than normal. Up at 4am and in the jeeps by 5:15 to be first in the park. Our drivers knew the morning was our last best opportunity for tiger.

First sightings were of spotted deer...


A Gaur (buffalo)...

Wild boar...

And, the very elusive barking deer.

The most amazing sighting was of a mouse deer. Rarely seen, most guides may have seen one once in 5 years, if at all. We barely had a glimpse, no time for photos, before it disappeared, back into the brush.

But, then came the moment we had been waiting for! We found our first tiger. Rubbing up against a tree, this tiger is known as Munna, or Little Boy. Raised as a cub in the area and is a 10 ft male weighing over 600 lbs.

 The coolest thing is the markings on his forehead actually spell out C.A.T. This gorgeous animal came walking right towards us, stared us down, and then walked into the jungle about 5 ft from our jeep.

This was a very special moment that we will never forget.

Finally! A tiger had been spotted. It felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from our shoulders having finally seen the magnificent animal we'd travel so far to view in it's natural habitat.

Andy Hettinger, Lowa Field Ambassador and Professional Photography is on a photo safari in the wilds of India.

Stay tuned for more posts and more stunning photographs from his latest adventure..

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